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Lucy in Beacon

Lucy in Beacon


On The Nineteenth Day of December

Pine nuts. They are good in pesto and… that’s about all I ever thought of them. They are the most expensive nut on the advent calendar, and not all that tasty out-of-hand, so I figured I had to get a little creative. Armed with this recipe for Rosemary Pine Nut Sables, I went to town.

Step one: toast the pine nuts to give them maximum flavor.



to That:


Step two: make the dough and refrigerate in a tube shape two hours, or overnight. Then cut the dough into circular cookies.


Last step! Bake!

Okay, actual last step: serve them to your swim team at the holiday party. Hope they don’t get wierded out that these cookie-shaped things are savory.


On The Eighteenth Day of December

There might be such a thing a too much working from home, but honestly, when I heard the news today that the office won’t be ready tomorrow, either, I kind of delighted in it.

One problem: I’m not eating very well. There was lots of junk food to be had, and very little motivation to go out and do things, with the excuse that I’m still rocking a foot injury from October.


Amidst all the laziness I ate these “rocky mountain mixed nuts” which had been leftover from well before advent began, and was why they were mostly sunflower seeds. Blahsville, right? I switched it up a little for today and I’m writing this from my “office” at the downtown library.

On The Seventeenth Day of December

Yet another day of working from home, but I made it an outing day. After swim practice, it was breakfast at a diner. Then on to the Arlington library to work while waiting for the stores to open.

Did some Christmas shopping and then more work, this time at the Adriance library. More errands, including an awesome find at goodwill: jeans that fit and have the original tags for $8! They’re still getting washed.

Snack & wifi at panera, more work and dinner at the health food store before I got to go to my yoga class after 3 months of missing it because grad school is on Mondays.

I was so busy, I almost forgot these guys:


Just some workaday raw almonds, which stretched over into Tuesday’s breakfast.

On The Sixteenth Day of December

Ugh. This iPhone is small and the button to post is too close to the title, so I think I just published a blank post.

Getting to the point at hand, the 16th was raisin nut bran day. Raisin-nuts are a wholly unnatural concept that populate a semi-sugary bran cereal which has always been third tier and always surprises me when it’s still for sale. I think it was my favorite in 5th grade, and I always separated out the raisin nuts from the flakes.


I did that again this time. They are the best part!

On the Fifteenth Day of December

I went for one long long walk on Saturday. It was fueled by pistachios, as seen here:


On The Fourteenth Day of December

I was home all day Friday because I’m not one of the essential personnel needed for the office move, so it was very appropriate that today’s nut was actually the classic breakfast cereal, honey nut Cheerios. I ate them in my pj’s around 10:30am while doing some work from home.


A few hours later, the world shifted when the dj on wdst, who herself went to Sandy Hook elementary, broke the news and broke down on air.

I’m really grateful that I have someone in my life right now who I can hug. He came over for dinner last night and asked a question not yet addressed here. How I did I decide what nut would go with what day? It’s simple: it’s alphabetical, with a few re-arrangements and substitutions as the mood struck.

Hugs to any and all out there who are still keeping up with The Daily Tannenbaum.