The 30 Days

The hardest part now is deciding which 30 activities will go on which 30 days. This is a rough outline, I am very flexible to changing the dates, especially if someone contacts me with a desire to join me on an activity on a different day. Dates in bold are set in stone, dates in italics are completed, dates in Red are Sundays.

1/10 Century 21
1/11 !My Birthday! Panna II
1/12 George Washington Bridge
1/13 Jamba Juice
1/14 The Greenway
1/15 The New York Times, also: Blondie’s for some football.
1/16 Candle Cafe
1/17 Loews’s
1/18 Chinese Food
1/19 Day off!
1/20 Staten Island Ferry / Tasti-d-Lite
1/21 Hall of Fame Terrace
1/22 The Met & more Blondie’s Action!
1/23 Snow Day!
1/24 Take the A Train
1/25 Burittoville
1/26 Free Movie Screening
1/27 AMC
1/28 Teany / Haircut
1/29 2 Boots Pizza
1/30 Roosevelt Island Tram
1/31 OPEN
2/1 OPEN
2/2 OPEN
2/3 Skating
2/4 Hilltop Diner / High Line / Par-tay
2/5 The Cloisters / Super Bowl
2/6 The Empire State Building
2/7 Vinyl Diner / Vintage
2/8 Packing
2/9 Jesse’s Place


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