It actually takes three hours and forty five minutes

(All times PM)
6:31 – Enter the Subway System at 181st St, take a northbound A train
6:40 – I arrive at 207th St.
6:43 – Southbound A train opens its doors at the terminus station
6:46 – The Far Rockaway train leaves the station, the journey begins
6:50 – I pass 181st St. again
7:01 – The train arrives at 125th St. Harlem USA
7:05 – Three Bongo players start playing in our car
7:10 – Three Bongo players leave
7:16 – Four kids enter the train at 14th St, do a tumbling act
7:28 – The train arrives at High St/Brooklyn Bridge, 1st stop in Brooklyn
7:48 – The train arrives at 80th St/Hudson St station, 1st stop in Queens
7:58 – We pass the stop for JFK Airport
8:28 – The train arrives at the final stop, Far Rockaway
8:30 – I board the Manhattan bound A train waiting at the station
8:45 – The train leaves Far Rockaway
10:14 – I arrive at 181st St., leave the subway system

Some facts: In my travels, I listened to 1 hour of The March on tape, read 75 pages of The Plot Against America, listened to 2.5 albums (Nine Inch Nails, REM, Morcheeba), sat in three separate but orange subway seats, and swiped my MetroCard only once.


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