They were lined up around the block

Dude, New Yorkers are so effing competitive. When HBO sponsors free movies in Bryant Park in the summertime, you have to get there at 4:00 to be sure that when the movie starts playing at 7:30 you are in a position where you can actually see the screen. So when some radio station that I never listen to and some magazine I never read team up to sponsor a free screening of a movie to create buzz and they put up a handy website where anyone (ie- me) can get a ticket, you better be there an hour before the movie starts and wait in the cold on the corner of 42nd & 8th (but actually closer to 8th) if you want to get a seat.

The movie in question was Imagine Me & You, a charming trifle of a British flick that would have starred Hugh Grant had it been made 10 years ago. This time, they got Matthew Goode, an actor who was a bright spot in Match Point and would have improved said movie had he been given more screen time. Here, he plays a husband so delightfully wonderful, I was gobsmacked to learn that the screenplay was penned by a man. The movie has some fluid notions of sexual orientation and a cinematically convenient theory of true love that gave me pause, but it redeemed itself by knowing when to follow cliche (there were many lines I was able to predict to the letter) and when to break from it (the movie opened with the wedding, preventing that inevitable “if anyone knows a reason…” moment.) Oh yeah, it also had that dude from Buffy. (or the Taster’s Choice coffee guy if you missed that moment of pop culture.) It is a working toaster in a landfill of January dump movies, so I would recommend you go see it, because there’s not going to be much else of this quality until blockbuster season starts.

Speaking of movies, I’m going back again tomorrow. Taking advantage of the unadvertised 2 for 1 special at my favorite theatre, I’m going to the 7:15 showing of The New World and the 10:15 showing of Transamerica. It’s a good package, because we all know that John Smith came to America to get a sex change, until Pocahontas talked him out of it.


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