Instead of Angel Thai: Yum Thai

I only started eating Thai food when I moved to New York. Before that, I though that Thailand was just some oppressed place the Beastie Boys were trying to save. Then I realized that’s actually Tibet. Soon after, I saw that movie with Claire Danes, and I thought to myself, “I need to try Thai food! And I need a better place to hide my drugs!” Over the years, I had a few jobs near no man’s land (those blocks on Grand Street south of Little Italy, west of Chinatown, east of SoHo and north of the Financial District.) While working those jobs and getting my lunches paid for by production, I often supped at Angel Thai. However, when you’re trying to go skating in midtown on the same night as having Thai food, you start to think that any greasy Thai place will do. Enter: Yum Thai on 44th between 6th and Broadway. A stone’s throw from the center of the world, it was so accessible it didn’t matter that the Pad Thai was served on disposable plates. My favorite part was the neon sign in the window that read “MUY” from the inside.


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