Instead of Rockefeller Center: Wollman Rink

Having changed my 30 activity plans left and right recently, I sensed that something would go wrong with my plan to skate at Rockefeller Center. I was proved right by a private party being thrown at the exact time Sister, Birmingham and I showed up to get our skate on. Realizing that Wollman rink was a mere 10 blocks away, we charted a course for Central Park. How does it compare? It’s like getting shut out of Nobu and going to Mr. Sushi instead. It’s like taking a broken Chevy instead of a limo. It’s like dressing up to go to the Met opera and then standing in the subway platform listening to that guy playing the Chinese instrument with one string. (Is it supposed to sound that dissonant?)

Basically, Wolman rink is ghetto. Also, Trump bought it and stamped his name on everything, including the Zamboni, adding that extra layer of tack. As you transverse the lumpy ice, you run the risk of being hit by: a punk, a tool, or a gang member. We had an awesome time. Here are some pictures:

Getting ready for the skate!

I skate so fast I get blurry!

Yet everyone else around seems to be so much faster!

Birmingham & Sister take a much needed skate brake.

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