The telltale blowpop stick

Q: What do a pen, a nail, a drill bit, a bobby pin, two screws, a random plastic thing, 20 cents in change, and a used lollypop stick have in common?

A: They are all items I found in between my floorboards while cleaning last night.

The items in question, and the floorboards.

Another fun quirk of the cottage is that the floorboards in my upatairs loft are, in addition to not being quite level, (you could never in a million years play a game of marbles up here) not matched up perfectly. This leaves gaps that range in size from acceptable to pen sized to oh-my-god-my-cat-just-fell-through-the-floor size. I’m not sure how to fix the problem yet, although a thorough vacuum got a lot of the major junk out, and clear tape might be the thing to keep the cat on the correct floor. I’ll keep you posted.


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