Veggie burgers may not be the answer

The plan last night was to be all gung-ho about sanding and painting the room that I have dubbed “the anti-room” because it’s this weird space connecting the kitchen, the living room, and the stairs to the bedroom. Much of the space in the room is comprised of a built in bench. We started cleaning and sanding, but I can’t say we ever got to the “gung-ho” stage. At about the time we were going to give it the first coat of paint, I made a seemingly innocent decision to go to dinner at the all-night diner.

Abandoning detox-diet March for a little bit, I went for the veggie burger deluxe. (with fries!) The newbie waiter asked me how I wanted the burger done. Um? Well done? I don’t want to see any blood coming out of those veggies! I guess I should have asked for it rare, because it took about 20 minutes for the meal to arrive. In this interum, the evil vice lords of headaches came into my brain and started messing around. About half way through the meal, all I could feel was the wah wah wah of my gray matter being squished into my skull.

I don’t remember much after that other than going to bed and waking up to an unpainted anti-room. Evidently, Birmingham caught a case of my sleepies, and was unable to paint while I was passed out. He is currently giving me my March 8 Day present of painting whilst I work. *more on March 8 Day to come in the next post!*


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