Race Results

The results of the 5K were posted at the YMCA today. Before I go on with this, I need to state that the race is FOR FUN, and the results are completely meaningless. Ah hem. Out of 217 people, I was the 184th person to finish. That means that there were only 33 slower losers that me. Well, not losers, because we’re all winners. Except for those 33 people. At 30 minutes and 29 seconds, I was one second slower than Camile Makey, age 13 of Garrison, and one second faster than David Schiavone, age 36 of Hudson, Mass. Half a dozen kids under 18 finished before me, and at least two people over the age of 65 finished before me. The group of eight ROTC students finished way before me, but I think they cheated.

The whole reason I ran 3.1 miles was for the experience of going over the mid-Hudson bridge, which constituted the first 1.5 miles. They closed it down for us with stern warnings not to enter the race if you can’t run that distance in 15 minutes, lest would-be bridge crossing drivers get angry. The worst part was having to run by the cars of the would-be bridge crossers as they waited at the other end of the bridge. They may have cheered the first 100 people or so, but by the time my tail-end group came running by at the 16 minute mark, they seemed non-plussed, to say the least.

I’m glad I did it because I have my first activity checked off the list, and I met some new people (who all finished before me.) However, I still want to cross the bridge again, but at a normal pace, so that I can really check out the scenery.


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