Getting Older, taking it down a notch

This weekend I drove down to New York City. I was listening to a book on tape, but I had to stop because the plot was too similar to the book I was reading and it was becoming confusing. My only other recourse for keeping myself entertained for the next hour was to listen to the radio.

Somewhere on the Taconic Parkway, I was flipping around the dial, and I came across a station playing Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On.” I kept the radio on for the ironic nostalgia value only, and remembered the summer that slow dancing to that song with Ryan MacGregor at the camp social was the most erotic moment of my life to date.

The next song that came on was the cast recording of “Seasons of Love” from “Rent” which I only kept on because I know all the words to it for some reason. Probably because I was a theatre major in college, and not because I like that kind of schmaltz mind you…

The following song was by Phil Collins, and I listened to it only because it was easier than trying to find a new radio station. I swear, there was no enjoyment at all, not from a girl who once made out with the bassist from the heavy metal band Flybanger at the Clutch concert where they were the opening act. Not from a girl who has the hip-hop station programmed to the first spot on her radio.

However, by the time Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings” came on to the radio, I was singing along to the whole thing, tearing up to the point that driving was dangerous, and having half a mind to turn the car around, rent the movie “Beaches” and fully renounce any trace of coolness or youth from my life.


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  1. Posted by Birmingham on May 17, 2006 at 6:01 am

    I’m sorry, your coolness level has officially dropped too low for us to date any longer. Perhaps if you were to explore leather garments, body mutilation (i.e.: piercings, tatoos, radical folical pigmentation), or at the very least take up smoking cigarettes (because they make everybody look cool)negotiations may be opened to reevaluate the situation. Thank You.

    I’m only joking;please don’t hurt me

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