Keep it Holy

In the mid-90’s when Woodbury Commons was new and bite-sized, Mom & I would go on a Sunday in late summer for my back-to-school shopping. We would have to drive all the way up there because we were residents of Bergen County where you can’t shop locally on Sundays because of “blue laws.” These are either a throwback to a less tolerant time when the church and state separation was hazy or a harbinger of the evolution-eschewing, reproductive-rights denying, warmongering theocracy America seems poised to become.

Oops! My political ire just slipped into this otherwise fun-loving blog. Let’s get back on track by fondly remembering those days of the mid-90’s when my insecurities with my body were perfectly married to the extra large sweatshirts and flannels that were in style at the time. I’d go shopping in the men’s section, wearing ties and vests like the 90210 kids, and picking up extra baggy pants while I was at it. No one ever really had to know what gender I was under all that fabric, and it was all for sale at deep discounts from the Bass, Eddie Bower, and Champion outlets. Heaven!

Today, things are much changed. The Gap is pushing “skinny jeans” even (gasp!) for men, and all women’s tees are fitted, even at Eddie Bower. I’m also less inclined to care about what fat bits are sticking out, so I seem to be moving with the trends. Today, I wasn’t in the market for a full back-to-school wardrobe, so the only things I picked up were 3 of the exact same bra in different colors (when you find one that fits perfectly, go with it, ladies!) and some Williams Sonoma dishtowels that hug my curves beautifully.


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