Nothing to fear

You know the current political climate is bad when you take a trip to FDR’s Hyde Park home and find yourself wistfully remembering the depression and World War II. When you think, “yes, I would rather stand in a bread line than see bad weather slowly destroy us,” you realize why everyone in this area is crazy for Delano. It’s a sad reminder that the president was once smart enough to go to war with the country that attacked us, not their neighbors.

Oh, but I digress. The point here is that Roosevelt, like all of our elected leaders since Lincoln, was filthy stinking rich. He had a great big house on a great big piece of property, and now it’s open to the public. Not that it wasn’t deserved, because if I created a program to restore a country’s self respect and get Americans working again, I would want to take a breather in a lovely out-of-the-way home and surround myself with flowers as well.

Mr. Met (the plush keychain), my little Democrat.


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