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When in New York City for the weekend, you have to take advantage of the things you can only do in New York City: the restaurants, the subway, and the movies that come out weeks before they’re shown to the rest of the world, if they even get to the rest of the world. Trends are slow to travel 90 miles up the parkway to the Hudson Valley. Mission Impossible III just opened here this weekend, on BOTH screens in the mall.

So while in the city visiting The Man of Action, the new documentary “This Film is Not Yet Rated” was put at the top of the to do list because it’s playing at exactly one theatre on the East Coast. If you live in Manhattan or if you can wait for the DVD or if the film gets distributed somewhere near you, I recommend it. What I do not recommend, however, is the short feature we saw before the movie about a man in a turkey suit wrestling a man in an E.T. mask under really bad exterior lighting. I hope the filmmaker in charge of that avant guard claptrap submits the movie to the MPAA and get an NC-17 rating so that no one will ever have to see it again.


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