And Here I Go Again On My Own

Last night I went to another costume party, this one thrown by the kickball league to celebrate the end of the season. In a flash of either genius or laziness I decided to go as “The Ghost of Halloween Past” a costume that was basically Halloween decorations bought after October 31 draped over my un-returnable Tavern Wench costume. I had a lot of crap on my person which kept getting in the way, so as the night progressed I stripped off pieces until I got to my costume base, a black turtleneck and black pants. I kept the string of orange Halloween lights worn as a belt for posterity. Many of the fellow revelers, including some women, asked if they could “turn me on.” And you tell me Halloween isn’t over-sexualized.

After the party, some of the more drunk revelers decided to take advantage of the complete illumination provided by the full moon and play a game of midnight kickball. Not wanting to seem like a spoil sport, I joined in although a knee injury from overzealously dancing to Whitesnake earlier in the evening prevented me from doing any running. The grass was wet and frozen, and the only footwear I had were thin slippers from my costume. I haven’t read much Jack London recently, so does anyone out there remember if it’s a bad thing that my little toes have turned black?


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