Top Ten Saturday

I attended a victory party for Kirsten Gillibrand volunteers in Rhinebeck last night. Here is a top ten list of things overheard in a room full of Democrats:

  • 1. The other day I was listening to NPR and I heard…
  • 2. It felt like Christmas morning.
  • 3. You can’t use that knife in the hummus, someone used that knife to cut meat!
  • 4. You’re a teacher too?
  • 5. That elderly couple over there met while working on FDR’s campaign in 1936.
  • 6. I know it’s not nice to make fun of innocent children, but didn’t you just LOVE that picture?
  • 7. It’s good to see members of the middle class come out for Kirsten. (note: this is an extremely impolite thing to say to someone’s face.)
  • 8. How long have you been against the Iraq war?
  • 9. We first met up at a Howard Dean meet up.
  • 10. Gotta get out of here, Battlestar Galactica is on in ten minutes!
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    One response to this post.

    1. Posted by lily on November 12, 2006 at 1:06 am

      Yes, the photo of the blubbering Santorum spawn makes me giggle with glee. I believe it’s a measure of how much I’ve felt traumatized by the last six years and the worthless likes of Little Ricky that I’m actually gloating over children crying.

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