You don’t win friends with salad

Compensation for moving out of the city comes in many forms, including Adams Fairacre Farms, the best damn supermarket ever. I go there for everything, including the salad bar, which is where today’s lunch came from. In addition to the great produce, the awesome prices, and the quirky organic layout of the store, I love that Adams has very happy employees. Even the high school kids at the registers have a below-average angst level, especially compared to their Stop & Shop counterparts.

There is, however, one class of employee at Adams who seem to hate life and want to take everyone down with them, and those are the girls who work behind the salad bar. I don’t know what it is about cutting vegetables all day and putting them out in little metal bins is so disheartening, but they are bitches, ya’ll. Overheard today at the salad bar:

Salad bitch #1: We ran out of green peppers.

Salad bitch #2: I know! People take too many of them.

SB#1: That’s it; I’m not going to put out any more peppers.

SB#2: I don’t blame you. I’m going to take the cheese away as well.

Customer: Excuse me, is the chili vegetable base or meat based?

SB#1: Ma’am, I don’t know about the soup.

SB#2: Does it say “Vegetarian” on the board?

Customer: There is no indication.

SB#2: Well, then it’s not vegetarian. If it was, it would say. (customer rejects soup, walks away.)

SB#1: People are so rude. I think I’m going to let the beets run out. These people make a mess of our salad bar.


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