Leave the readers wanting more

You know all those times I said, “I’ll write more later?” Well, now is later:

5/7/07 The weekend was great! I ran the Dutchess County YMCA 5K Bridge Run with someone else. We did it in superfast time and got to be part of the privileged few who got to use a car-free Mid-Hudson Bridge as our personal playground. Afterwards, Birmingham joined us for brunch at a diner with a superhot waiter. Then, I used my unlimited guest pass to get my friend into Planet Fitness so we could hit the showers, and we took the train down to the city for a party at The Man of Action’s lady friend’s place. She lives exactly across the street from my friend so at the end of the night I had my shortest tipsy stumble home since college. The next morning we had another great brunch that couldn’t be beat and then almost ruined the weekend by seeing that awful movie. That was the weekend.

5/2/07 Birmingham hates the new layout, and the environment. Oh well.

4/29/07 Um, my arm still hurts where I had the tetanus shot. There’s a lump in it that pains me whenever I raise it, swim, run, or do yoga. I must call the doctor tomorrow.

4/24/07 I still have the ring. I keep it on a necklace whenever I do something that may threaten it.

4/18/07 I picked up a calendar called “‘Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy” and found out the the chorus to Peter Gabriel’s “Games Without Frontiers” is not “She’s so funky-yeah.” It’s “Jeux san fronties.” Like I’m supposed to know French.

4/10/07 I still haven’t written about Easter weekend.

3/29/07 Motormouth Marianne still shares my lane at swimming. But, she misses a lot of days so I don’t totally pull out my hair.

3/27/07 My sink is backed up again. I can choose to either bring this or the screens up next time I meet with the landlady, but if I mention both, I get neither. I don’t know which one to choose.

2/19/07 I still don’t have TV, but I’m caught up on the latest episode of Lost.

2/1/07 I need to cut my bangs again. Badly.

10/9/06 I finally got a wedding present for my friends.

8/30/06 I’d like to pick up my 30 activities/30 days blog again, but I don’t know how or when.

8/13/06 I still haven’t snuck on to Bannerman’s Island.

4/17/06 Still breaking wine glasses.

3/11/06 The cat likes it here better now, but still detests the Big Hand Man. I don’t let her blog anymore.

2/12/06 The neighbor who was so nice to me when I moved in turned out to be not such a nice guy. He got evicted last week. Anyone want to move into a three story house on a Christmas Tree farm with a slightly eccentric landlesbian?


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