What’s in the box? What’s in the Baaaaaahx?

I have a confession. After a year and a half of reading blogs, I’ve seen people say “I’ve been tagged for a meme” or “I tagged so and so with a meme,” without understanding what that meant. Much like the elementary school playground, I wasn’t one of the popular kids who “got tagged.” But now I’ve come to realize that getting tagged is the And’s version of an 80’s chain letter, and it was just a matter of time before it came around to me.

Finally, someone felt it was time to tag me because Miss xsquared at Hip to Be Squared went ahead and tagged me by linking to her blog in my comments, and now my task is to write 7 things about me and pass it on to 7 other people. But since I’m not feeling very random today I’m going to alter this meme slightly to my taste with a theme. So here are seven things about me, specifically relating to the seven deadly sins, and a picture of Brad Pitt because I love you:

GLUTTONY: While I’m eating breakfast, I’m thinking about lunch. While I’m eating lunch, I’m thinking about my mid-day snack and while I’m making dinner, I’m thinking about desert. During free pizza night on May 7th, I’m thinking about Monday, June 4th. I think about food all the time, and I can’t stop. I love food so much that this sin bleeds over into Lust.

GREED: When I’m not thinking about food, I’m worrying about money. I’m not in any kind of big financial trouble, but the thought of ever having to really pay for something, like a child, frightens the hell out of me. I daydream a lot about making as much money as celebrities and people who don’t have a second thought about ordering something other than the discounted Bud Light after kickball games.

SLOTH: A quick Wikipedia search lead me to the Catholics’s definition of sloth: not using your gifts to your fullest potential, although they call them “the gifts God gave you.” And it’s true: I’d rather be sleeping or popping a DVD of “House” than actually sitting down to write something more important than my blog or taking up theatrical directing again. I am usually guilty of that second tier sin: procrastination.

LUST: I took a walk through the grass on one of the first lovely spring days of the year, with the sun shining on my neck and thought to myself, “I want to have sex with everything!”

PRIDE: I’m pretty confident in my beliefs, down to the fact that I don’t think these sins really amount to a hill of beans, because I think they’re all part of human nature and therefore not evil. My confidence has led me to flaunt this belief in public, right now. Also, I like to look at myself in the mirror.

ENVY: I compare myself to more successful people all the time. I think about what they were doing when they were my age, and hope that I’m on track to reach the point where they are (or exceed it.) It’s not a healthy way to evaluate oneself, but I can’t help it. I want a lot of things I don’t have.

WRATH: Oh, I’m an angry person all right. It took one kicked in windshield, one slammed off the hinges little sister’s door, one kicked in part of the living room drywall, and one broken down with my shoulder garage door before I made it to adulthood. I’ve leveled off now, but at least once a day I desire to punch someone in the face. (Not that I ever have, but resisting the temptation when Ralph Nader was at the bookstore a few weeks ago was especially difficult.)
Not that I’m angry about being tagged (I’m actually flattered,) but I’m going to impose my wrath on this meme. Technically, I’m supposed to pass it on to seven people so the chain goes on ad infinitum. However, I’m not feeling it, so I’m putting my foot down and ending the meme here. (Unless you want to pick it up on your own.)

I just noticed that Funky Carter just got the same meme and ignored it as well. See you in hell, Aaron.


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  1. Woo! First commenter! 🙂 Maybe nobody commented on this stuff before because everyone feels like I do: that simply writing ME TOO! after every single item on here wouldn’t suffice. Hmm.

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