When I dream, I dream in color. I want love, not just a lover.

I got to see Birmingham briefly last night while he stopped by his mom’s house. A few hours earlier, we had a bit of a tense phone call, and he wanted to explain why.

“I had a dream last night that we were at a party and you left the room to sleep with another guy. And you were real loud about it, I could hear you through the door.”

“Well, that would explain why you were mad at me, and since you’re mad anyway, I may just go and sleep with some other guy! Oh, by the way, I had a dream last night that my cat turned into you. You told me to change the litter box, and then you were about to tell me why you walk around the house crying all day long. But right as you opened your mouth to speak, the alarm went off. So, maybe if you could tell me why my cat cries so obnoxiously, we could call a truce.”

He told me it’s because she’s crazy. I think I’m still going to look into that sleeping with other guys thing.


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