Random Monday: What I did this weekend in five bullet points or less

  • Birmingham and I saw a white knuckle suspense horror movie over the weekend. He spent the two hours alternately grabbing the side of the theater seat and covering his eyes with his hands, muttering “this is not happening… this is not happening…” Meanwhile, I laughed at him while secretly feeling scared to my core. The movie? Knocked Up
  • I’m taking a “sabbatical” from my second job. So, for the rest of the summer, I’ll have Saturdays off! It’s like my school days all over again, except for the part where I work Monday – Friday from 8-5.
  • We were hanging out at Birmingham’s mom’s place on Saturday night, and I’m pretty sure that she tried to get me drunk. After tasting some really nasty liquor that Birmingham’s friend got in Hungary, I wanted to chase it with water, but she offered me Irish Mist. Except that it turns out she had the wrong bottle, and gave me Grand Marnier instead. When she realized the mistake, she tried to get me a third shot, with the drink she intended. Later that night, I fell asleep on their couch and wound up spending the night. Mission accomplished, Mrs. Birmingham!
  • I brought all my recyclables to the grocery store on Sunday for my deposits. I drink a shocking amount of MGD and Diet Coke in mini cans.
  • When you have a get-together with friends and tell them BYOB, many people don’t, because they assume you’re kidding, or trust that they can mooch of of the sixer that someone else brought. But, when you have a party and say, “BYOB unless you want to drink MGD from a can,” people get the message, and boy, do they BYOB! It’s too bad that I’m leaving on vacation on Thursday, because I’ve got enough B in my fridge right now to party for the rest of the month.
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