If you liked school, you’ll love work

Over the weekend, I was talking to Birmingham’s brother-in-law about the upcoming Columbus Day holiday. I told him it’s one of my least favorite holidays because it’s one of those crappy ones where I have to go to work, but I don’t get any mail.

He told me, “I hate getting mail because it’s always bills.”

“Obviously, you don’t have Netflix, then.” I told him.

The possibility of having a new movie in the mail when I get home from work makes getting the mail as fun as it was for me when I was a kid and I got to open all the “resident” and “occupant” mail and the val-pack coupons. So thank you Netflix, thank you for making my grown-up mail more fun that a stack of bills.


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  1. I don’t know how we lived before Netflix. My favorite part of finding a movie in the mail is that I usually don’t know what it will be, because the shipping notices are sent to my husband’s e-mail.

    I still get a little giddy about those Valpak coupons – like you, that’s what I got to open when I was a kid.

    I turned off the email reminders, and every new movie is like a little surprise in my mail!

  2. Yup, it’s christmas morning every time Bossy sees red and white in her post box.

    Yes. Red and white envelopes, that is.

  3. Jebus, it’s so true. I only just finally signed up for Netflix a couple weeks ago, and I keep feeling this frantic urge to watch the movies and send them back ASAP so that I can get the next fun thing in the mail.

    I’m actually running out of things that I really want to see now.

  4. I don’t manage my list well. And I get on these kicks where I think I want to see all the old classics. Last weekend I had The Grapes of Wrath, All About Eve, and something I’d never even heard of (even though I’m sure it was me who selected it) and looked horribly depressing. But still, I love mail. I have to check it immediately after I hear the mailperson fumble with the door and drop it in the mail slot.

    For some reason, the DVD’s I sent back on Saturday have already arrived, and I didn’t get to re-arrange my queue accordingly. So now, I’m stuck with 3 so-so movies due to arrive on Wednesday, and no disk 2 of the Office. Boo!

  5. It’s true! I find myself getting mad when I keep the movies too long because none come in the mail!

    Sorry you don’t have today off. I’ll enjoy some extra laziness for you and watch BOTH of my Netflix movies.

    And in turn, I will work extra hard for the two of us.

  6. My problem with Netflix is that they won’t send me anything new until I send the old one back. How dare they? Maybe I should just give up on “Stranger than Fiction” and send it back. (But I heard it was good! I’ll give it one more week. Hee.)

    It was good! And it’s lackadaisical users like you that make it profitable for them to serve speedy mcspeedersons like me!

  7. I have email reminders intact, and I still don’t necessarily remember what’s in the envelope when it arrives. Clearly memory is one of the first things to go.

    Also, I agree we shouldn’t have any quasi-holidays. Either all of us get it off or none of us do. It’s only fair. (Yes, I am at work today, in case that wasn’t clear. And no, I’m not at ALL bitter about it.)

    I could never remember what was coming either. And word, work sucks.

  8. netflix rules. i’m on the 3 at a time plan. it feels right.

    I moved up to 4 when I was unemployed. It was such overload. 3 does feel nice.

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