A conversation with Birmingham last night

“I recently heard a facinating insight.  A friend mentioned that it’s okay to bum around the house in your underwear if you’re alone with your boyfriend.  It’s also okay to bum around the house in your underwear if you are alone with your sister.  However, it is never okay to bum around the house in your underwear if both your boyfriend and your sister are there at the same time.”

“But did your friend mention if it’s okay for me to bum around the house in my underwear alone with your sister?”

And that’s why Birmingham didn’t get any last night.


9 responses to this post.

  1. I don’t think I’d bum around the house in my underwear if my sister was over. But then, I don’t normally bum around the house in my underwear, anyway. It’s far too cold in there.

    It’s true, since I left my 85 degree apartment in the city, I’m usually fully clothed. However, in theory, I don’t know how comfortable I’d be dis-robed I’d be around SisterAlyson if it wasn’t so cold all the time. Probably not very.

  2. I’m with NPW on this, although I do think your friend had a point. I am sure H’s response would have been similar to Birmingham’s.


    (shakes fist in air)

  3. Ha! That sounds like an odd variation of “you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose . . .”

    Especially with that superbug on the loose.

  4. Posted by SisterAlyson on October 18, 2007 at 9:02 am

    oh man. I swear you are dating a 17 year old boy and not a 30-something man. Everything is innuendo with that guy!

    What can I say, you have a puppy, I have a Birmingham.

  5. I’m going to second NPW and R on this. Also, your comment back to SisterAlyson cracked me up.


  6. i get too cold bumming around in my underware.

    It’s true, I’m much more of a PJ’s person.

  7. Ohhh… wrong answer Birmingham! 😉

    Seeing as neither him OR I have any sisters, I think we’re right. And I’m fairly sure the rule doesn’t apply to brothers, no? I hope not.

    He told me the other day that I got it wrong. He said that he really said he would be okay with my sister being in her underwear. I think we need to call this whole thing off.

  8. Priceless!!

    oh, if only it was…

  9. Bossy doesn’t even like to bum around in her underwear in front of herself.

    that’s why we have old tee-shirts, I say.

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