Action! Romance! Thrills!

This past weekend, Birmingham and I took an impromptu (of sorts) weekend to see his sister in Rhode Island. I wish that I had the time to write it up properly, because it was a fantastic weekend. But I don’t, so I’m going to try and wrap it up like the trailer to an old movie. Here goes:

Watch HORRIFYING traffic as our heroes take 8 hours to make a 4 hour trip!

Be THRILLED as OUR HERO Birmingham fixes OUR HEROINE’S windshield wipers with A PAPER CLIP!

Experience the DRAMA as Noelle loses her shit while lost in Boston!

See Noelle ESCAPE DEATH at the hands of scalpers outside a Tori Amos concert!

Smile at the reunion of three Sunday School friends after TEN LONG YEARS on their church’s HOME TURF!

Savor FRENCH TOASTED PUMPKIN BREAD served inside an authentic rail car! Served with a SIDE OF GINGERBREAD PANCAKES!

Shop the quirky streets of PROVIDENCE!

THRILL at the sight of 5,000 carved pumpkins displayed in a Minor League Baseball Stadium!

House hunt for a ROMANTIC summer home along the shore of Newport!

Eat gelato not once, but twice! SCREAM with excitement at all the FLAVORS!

Coming soon to a blog post near you? Maybe just some pictures as soon as I get get them up…

This is the picture for the poster. It’s what the paper-cliped wiper blade looks like from the driver’s seat:


9 responses to this post.

  1. I “heart” Providence, Rhode Island.

    I now know why.

  2. Oh man, I want some french-toasted pumpkin bread, and I want it NOW!

    It is possibly the most amazing food ever.

  3. Wow! That was the most excitement I’ve had all day! Seriously.

    I’m glad. And a little concerned for you…

  4. Christmas Tree, seriously, when (and if) I ever get around to filming my first movie, will you please cut the trailer for me?

    You bet! That was my dream job for a week once.

  5. Wow, you braved Boston traffic AND drove into the city by yourself? You are a courageous woman, Noelle Tannenbaum.

    Yeah, but I handled it like a big pussy, because I knew it would be bad going in.

  6. MacGyver’s got nothin’ on that Birmingham. No fist-shaking at him this time; on occasion, that boy’s damn useful, isn’t he?

    Also, I would like some gingerbread pancakes and french-toasted pumpkin bread, please. Thank you.

    It was tense, but he came through for me. Um, and yes, I recommend everyone drop what they’re doing right now and get the pumpkin bread in Rhode Island right now.

  7. Sounds like a fun movie – when is the release date?

    Uh, as soon as I get around to writing it, I guess…

  8. I’d go see the movie.

    As long as I sell more tickets than commenters on this post, I should be fine…

  9. (Only to see what Birmingham looks like.)

    He looks like George Clooney.

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