Why didn’t anyone tell me my ass was so big?

Today’s lesson is about ice on the windshield. Some people will tell you that the best way to get ice off a windshield is with a credit card. But those people are wrong. parking-tag.jpgOn one hand, you don’t want to go getting your credit card too icy, and on the other hand, the surface area is just too small. It turns out that the best instrument for such an operation is a handicapped parking tag. It’s sturdy, wide and ready for action! Even if you leave your house at exactly the same time that you were planning on getting to work, this tag will allow you clear, unobstructed vision for your journey. One word of warning, though. You may have to break your ankle to obtain said handicapped parking pass. You’re probably just better off turning your car on and letting your defroster do the work instead.

And as for the continuing re-cap of the weekend, some of you have asked for a picture of my new haircut.

Said haircut was achieved by making an appointment with my hairdresser from the city. I had cheated on him a few times with a local Hudson Valley guy, who I never quite trusted. But city guy, when he suggested we put my hair in a ponytail and CUT IT OFF, I was like, “okay.” Let me tell you, seeing your own ponytail in front of your eyes is a really weird experience. It’s like that scene in Spaceballs where they teleport Mel Brooks and put his head on backwards. (And now you know what the subject of the post means and you can stop thinking that I have body issues.) We also dyed it a little and then he poofed it out for my party. Since I don’t like about 85% of pictures (seriously, I look really uncomfortable in the picture above, and that was the best of the bunch) taken of me and only 3 pictures were taken of me at my party, no visuals of the poofing exist in a way that I care to document on my own blog. So you’ll have to take my word that on Saturday night, I came close to achieving something that said, “This girl is from Jersey.”


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  1. I love it! You look great!


  2. I invested in this nifty invention called an ice scraper for my car. I didn’t even have to break an ankle!

    Love the hair!

    okay, sarcasmo! I do have an ice scraper, but it works for crap with its plastic grooved edge.

  3. The hair looks great, although I have no point of reference from before the chopping of the ponytail. Reference be damned.

    Don’t you northern folks have ice scrapers? Courtney even has one with a long handle and a brush on the other side for the five or six times a year it’s actually useful around here. She stole it from me.

    I think we have special ice up here because I have the same scraper, and it’s just crappy.

  4. Wow, this post has everything: handy scraping tips, and a shot of your much-buzzed about new do. Lookin’ good, Miss Christmas Tree!

    I’m mixing it up a little this week, I guess.

  5. Posted by mfijal98 on January 16, 2008 at 7:41 pm

    I LOVE the new do!!

    Thanks for the frost scraping tip. My preferred method is when “the boy” scrapes my car. That’s my favorite. But you read my blog. You know how that goes…

    Oh yes, getting another person to do your scraping is always the better method.

  6. Cute!

    I too recently chopped my hair. I credit Katie Holmes with making short hair rad again.

    And making it popular to marry short crazy gay men.

  7. Love the short hair on you- so cute! I’ve been contemplating a similar cut for ages but haven’t had the guts. But since we practically look like twins anyway, now I know I can do it in good faith.

    Then we can meet up and take a picture!

  8. I love it! Nice work!


  9. Posted by Jess on January 17, 2008 at 5:48 am

    as they say in Minnesota…

    Oh, fer cuuute!

    They say it in the Hudson Valley too! At least, they do since you taught me.

  10. love the hair, very sassy…now admit it, did you go in and ask for the “posh bob” or the “katie holmes bob”?

    It sort of came out that way… We tried to do curly and layer-y so I wouldn’t look like a robot.

  11. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Very cute!

    smiley face.

  13. Cute! And I was also going to suggest an ice scraper (mine works fine; you have the wrong kind–or you’re using the wrong side–if the grooved edges are a problem), but I see from R’s comment what kind of snide response a comment like that will get me! 😉

    It’s all with love, babe, with love. As I assume R’s was in the first place…

  14. Don’t listen to Mickey. Our old next-door neighbor gave that to me when I was trying to push snow off my car with my hands.

    Love the hair! I had not heard of the cutting ponytail method of hair styling, but it looks great!

    Consider Mickey ignored. The ponytail cut is a once, maybe twice in a lifetime experience.

  15. Very pretty hair 🙂

    Thank ya kindly!

  16. The haircut looks great! Though I can’t say I know what the “before” looked like.

    Here in Western New York, the snow is also resistant to the uni-function plastic ice scraper. The ones that have worked best for me are the ones on the other end of the snow brush. Like the kind you get at the gas station for $1. Really.

    Or the remote car starter, a.k.a. my most worthy investment EVER.

    I really feel like I own a cheap $1 ice scraper, but it won’t work for me properly. The handicapped tag really did do a good job.

  17. Very cute!

    I’ve been thinking of the ponytail chop for some time now but just get too nervous.
    I love the look though. Way to enter your 30s in style.

    I actually was quite scared to do it. But so worth it!

  18. I think your hair looks fantastic — it suits you! 🙂

    Thanks! I think it’s even better in person.

  19. When I was in high school in Minnesota, I parked in the driveway. I had an ice scraper. His name was dad. Thanks, Dad!!

    The hair is super cute–looks like it has a lot of shape and is easy to style. My favorite combo!

    When I was in high school in New Jersey I had a great thing called “a garage.” Never scrape ice again! This is the #1 feature that my next home MUST have.

  20. For the rare days when it ices in Texas, I use a cake scraper. I don’t know really what a cake scraper is, nor have I ever used it on cake, but it works quite well on ice.
    Fabulous new hair-cut! I love it!

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