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I’m bored with my blogroll. No, not the blogs on my blogroll, but the actual look of it hanging out there on my sidebar. It’s getting huge because there are so many great reads, and how can anyone decide what to click on without knowing what the blogs are about? I’m thinking of moving the whole blogroll to its own page. Since there will be so much more room over there, I’d like to include a description of each blog. However, I don’t want to get all long-winded and junk. So, I’ve decided that the description of each blog should be exactly six words. For instance:

Girl from Jersey explores Hudson Valley


Likes books enjoys cheese LOVES comments

The problem is that it took me about all day to come up with those two, and I’m not even completely 100% jazzed about them. There is no way I can come up with 6 words to describe all 300 blogs I read. So that’s where you come in. Can you please describe your blog to me in six words? If you are not already on my blogroll, please play along and I’ll add you. The only reason you’re not there is either because I don’t know about you or I’m lazy or both.

If you think you have a really great description for someone else’s blog, let me know about that one, I’ll give you credit, and I may even post more than one description if they’re really good. (On the other side of that coin, I might also reject edit descriptions if they’re mean, not 6 words, or otherwise wrong.) For instance, here’s one that I thought of for someone else:

Humorous zombie fighter posts videos

Can you guess who that is? So the deal is that I’m leaving you the weekend to think of some good 6 word blog descriptions for your blog, and then after that, I’ll move this post to the new page, and leave it up for a week or so while we all come up with our best work. I hope to have the new blogroll finished by next weekend, but no promises… Good luck!

And since I got so happy from sending out my prizes this week, let me go ahead and add a contest. If anyone can come up with a better description for The Daily Tannenbaum and I decide to use it, I’ll declare you the winner, and you can get a prize of equal or lesser value than the ones that were sent to the NaChriCoMo winners.

(oh, and if you don’t feel like leaving your response in a comment for everyone to see, please email it to me at dailytannenbaum @ gmail . com)

UPDATE: The new page is up, so please click on the tab above and leave your suggestions in the comments there!


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  1. Yeah, I’d better give myself the weekend to think about this. ‘Cause right now it would come out: loves dogs and cats hates men.

    And that’s probably not the overall impression I wish to leave. Heh.

    Yeah, and that also describes my blog.

  2. I can only answer this so quickly because I completed a similar task at Zombie Fights Shark

    No plan lead me to nothing.
    Sarcasm and vodka, a winning combination.

    I think those 6 words are pretty apt!

  3. Ah! The pressure!

    I have been thinking about doing something different with my blogroll too, but I’m not sure what yet.

    I feel a little trapped by the way this wordpress template that we both use does them automatically. I want more control.

  4. All those on the blog roll can get some inspiration from the brand new collection of 6 words memoirs, “Not Quite What I was Planning: Six Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure”


    where do you think I got / stole the idea from?

  5. I was reading along trying to think of five more words to go with “zombie” when I got to your hypothetical suggestion. Either great minds think alike or FC is getting too easy to pigeonhole. Or my Aaron-worship is taking over my life.

    You’re still in the Funky Carter honeymoon period. Eventually, it will mellow to a warm glow. But in the meantime, how to describe the Prettiest Denny’s Waitress?

  6. Maybe something like — Baby steps for going green — for my site. I don’t know. My brain is fried this week. . .

    I like it! I think it’s a keeper. And of course, I can always change these at any time.

  7. oh boy, oh boy – can’t wait to get my prize!!! like x- mas again. 😀
    let’s see 6 words: jokes, photos, rants/raves and poems

    Man, that reminds me that I have to purchase one more mailer. Bear with me…

  8. Well for 1 thing it’s just like me to want to bend the rules but I’ve always liked something I came up with once….It’s a little more than six words but it just has no rhythm without them all…

    My Innermost Thought
    Just call me Pandora. Anybody got a box?

    How about “Call me Pandora. Got a box?”

  9. 6 words for my poor excuse for a blog / journal, eh?

    Lover? Minstrel? Madman? Lurker… Seldom posts.

    Oh, and if you get a chance, take a look at http://www.sinfest.net/comikaze/comics/2008-02-06.gif (especially considering the title you’re currently using for the blog)

    Bikes are fun. Mine has a busted seat, though.

  10. Posted by Michelle on February 10, 2008 at 9:42 am

    Here’s mine unless someone comes up with better:

    The baby roller-coaster ride of life.

    I like it, although roller-coaster as one word is a bit of a cheat…

  11. The books and cheese one could probably just as easily be me, too. 🙂 Mine should probably involve wine, though. And uneventful dates. Hmm. Yeah, I’m really not good at this sort of thing.

    Did you read The Other Girl (Lately Bothered) before she disappeared from the Internet? She was excellent at this stuff.

    I never heard of her. Damn. I hope to get good at it after a few goes.

  12. This is fun!!! (What can I say… I love calls for comments where I get to talk about myself.)

    Not really a New Yorker.
    She likes to run. Not fast.

    or perhaps

    Freaking out about grad school daily.

    I dig it. Probably the first one, since life will totally change for you once the grad school starts!

  13. Posted by sadieandleo on February 10, 2008 at 4:08 pm

    I can see how this will be quite the task.

    Ummm, for me…

    oh, crap, I can’t think of anything. I’m blogging for 365 days, maybe something about that and cats.

    I’ll try to get back to you.

    Okay, when inspiration hits, just check out the new blogroll page.

  14. Ha… I totally thought the “likes books” one was about me at first and I was all, “how does she KNOW I love cheese?!”

    Ok, here’s all I could come up with:

    Librarian from Boston, loves to write.

    Or, wait:

    Never dull times in middle school.

    Those are possibly lame. I will think some more.

    Because who doesn’t love cheese? Lame Ron Paul supporters, that’s who. I think your choices work pretty well!

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