Take back the loser

I wasn’t going to dignify Valentine’s Day with a blog post, because I’ve always felt “meh” about it. When I was single, it sucked, when I was in a relationship, it was a day where there’s pressure to do something even if you just want to stay in and read a book. Now that I’m single again, I feel somewhere in between relieved that I don’t have to do anything and super excited that there will be lots of candy on sale tomorrow. (Okay, and just a little sad that I still live alone, but so what?!)

I’ve been following this small story on feministing about the backlash against Vagina Day celebrations. (If you don’t know, that’s this whole “take back the night” movement to make Valentines Day a celebration of women and their freedom to have fulfilling relationships and a domestic-violence free life.) Of course, wherever there’s feminism there’s people against feminism. In this case, a group of women are upset that this holiest of holy days is becoming something other than the holiday that God intended and that we are forced to hear Jane Fonda say “C. U. Next Tuesday” on morning television. Okay, I’m actually a little upset that happened as well, but that’s besides the point. The point here is that Feministing came up with an awesome backlash to the backlash. Since it involves the Simpsons, I’ve got to post it:



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  1. I also love that there will be candy on sale. 🙂

  2. That “ad” is great (sheepishly says the girl who’s been doing V-day posts for two weeks now, even though she doesn’t really celebrate it herself).

  3. Like I said on Pam’s blog this morning, Valentine’s Day is barely a blip on my radar. I just think of it sort of like Mother’s Day: a holiday that some people celebrate but that just doesn’t apply to me. No biggie.

    Happy Thursday to you!

  4. Awesome. I’m sending you some Valentine love now.

  5. Posted by Jennifer M. on February 14, 2008 at 8:29 pm

    Valentine’s Day gave me an excuse to make strawberry cupcakes with chocolate icing and red sprinkles. I love cupcakes. It’s cake in a cup!

    I guess as a feminist I defend my right as an independent, intelligent women to rationalize the consumption of junk food in any way possible be it cupcakes or a quick stop at the CVS on the way home on the 15th for half price candy hearts.

  6. I’ve always viewed Valentines as a holiday that forces couples that would otherwise not be romantic toward one another, to be romantic with one another, and spend lots of money on cheesy shit. I’d prefer to see the holiday as a time to let everyone around me know how much I love them… Love IS all around!

  7. I too look forward to the candy sales. I’m especially looking forward to Peppermint Patties in pretty pink foil =)

  8. Dammit! I was watching Today (home sick) and changed the channel when they teased Jane Fonda’s upcoming interview. Cruel fates.

  9. Posted by sadieandleo on February 16, 2008 at 11:55 am

    Holy Moly that is awesome. Thank you for sharing it!

  10. Oh my, backlash on top of backlash!!

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