Spring Can’t Come Soon Enough (Like my last date?)

Here are 5 things that I’m going to love when winter is finally over:

  • If I have an itch on my arm, I can just scratch my skin instead of trying to reach it through a layer of coat, sweater and undershirt.
  • When “Patience” by Guns and Roses comes on the radio, I can whistle along without fogging up my windshield.
  • I can get all snuggly in my bed and go right to sleep instead of having to hop out because I forgot to turn the heat down. Similarly, I will have no more “oh shit” moments when I sit down at my desk at work and realize the furnace at home is burning my precious oil at full blast.
  • I’ll be able to pass gas freely because I can open the window to let it air out.
  • When the physical therapist ices down my ankle at the end of a session, it will be a soothing relief for my swelling, not an experiment in getting chilled to the bone.

What are you going to do when this winter is finally over?


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  1. Ha! That’s a great list.

    I am going to open every window in my house to get rid of the stale air in here (the passing gas thing is an added bonus), go backpacking, and drink my morning cup of green tea on the back patio. Oh, and bike to do my errands.

    I usually like winter okay, but this year I am stir crazy waiting for spring.

  2. I am looking forward to walking. Not like going for a walk, but rather just walking from my car to work, or into the mall, or anywhere, just walking, instead of running so I don’t freeze to death.

  3. Take my son to a playground, walk to my car at work without falling, switch to a light jacket or (gasp) no coat at all…The list goes on and on.

  4. Posted by nancypearlwannabe on March 5, 2008 at 9:23 am

    When I can go to the gym in shorts and leave wearing shorts. When I can start playing Ultimate Frisbee again. When I can go hiking. When there are leaves on the trees.

  5. Yes, yes, spring will be lovely, but as we have to make the best of winter a bit longer, I’ll say one thing I DO enjoy about winter is being able to go grocery shopping on my lunch hour and not worrying about my frozen or refrigerated foods spoiling by the time I get home. There is THAT, at least! 🙂 (Can you tell I’ve shopped on my lunch hour several times lately?)

  6. Oh – and I forgot – Camping!

    Stefanie – Do you have an office fridge you can use? I always shop strategically at lunch – Only get a few refrigerated/frozen things so I can fit them in the fridge at work.

  7. Thank you so much for putting “Patience” in my head. It beats the holy crap out of whatever Celine Dion song that was stuck in my head from having watched American Idol last night.

    I’m just looking forward to opening the windows for a couple months (we already did for a while on Monday.) Also, finding great swimming holes. Otherwise, I like winter in these parts.

  8. Posted by sadieandleo on March 5, 2008 at 9:39 am

    -Stop wearing a sweatshirt because it won’t be below 70 degrees.
    -Pay a higher gas bill because I’ll be using the central air from March until October.
    -Not buy ice cream from the grocers because it will be traveling in a 130 degree trunk from the store to the house.

    Life isn’t much different here in the winter, it’s actually the perfect time of year here. It is a lot greener here in the summer though than people may think. Summer, although it reaches above 110 during the day and sometimes doesn’t drop below 90 at night, is my favorite time of the year here. Sounds odd but it’s true.

  9. I cannot wait not to have to put on 50 pieces of clothing just to go outside. Also, I can’t wait to stand at my bus stop in the morning and NOT feel miserable and chilly!

  10. I will put the coat, gloves and scarf that reside in my car for sudden temperature plunges back in the closet where they belong.

    And I will stop wearing socks. Until October.

    And plant flowers. I love spring!

  11. When I can go to the gym in shorts and leave wearing shorts.

    That’s my litmus test. There’s nothing worse than having to get dressed to go work out and leave from working out.

    I had a conversation about GnR yesterday and realized it’s been 21 years since Appetite for Destruction came out. That made me feel older than anything else in recent memory.

  12. 1. eat as many meals on my porch as possible
    2. ride my bike as much as possible
    3. wear cute clothes again
    4. enjoy feeling sun and warmth
    5. grow a garden

    ps. I bought that Guns N’ Roses tape when it came out…holy crap, 21 years for real!?!?

  13. Hee! Funny list. I am looking forward to sitting on my couch without having to wrap a blanket around me, going swimming, and not having to muster up the willpower to get out of bed in the morning because it’s so warm under the covers and so cold outside.

  14. I’m actually looking forward to being able to scratch my skin without piles of it flaking off. Effing dry skin. Effing winter.

  15. I suffer from the same problem EVERY night, when I forget to turn the heat down and have to get up and do it. I hate that.

    When spring has sprung, I shall sit on the patio and have a beer and it will be refreshing. I cannot wait.

  16. Ooo, I’m a barefoot kind of girl … I’m barefoot now, and cursing the cold because my feet are freezing. I guess warmer weather means I can take my shoeless, sockless feet outside too.

    I love the specificity of your list.

  17. Posted by The Grey Boy on March 5, 2008 at 1:25 pm

    Be careful what you wish for. “Patience” can very quickly become “November Rain.”

  18. Posted by Sarah on March 5, 2008 at 1:30 pm

    -Eat ice cream without shivering and getting blue lips.
    -Watch the robbins hop across the lawn.
    -Go for walks after dinner.

  19. I’d like to lie down on green, snowless grass and read.

  20. It’s farting. Not “passing gas.” C’mon! What are you an 86 year-old woman??? Hahaha

  21. When I don’t have to leave the house 15 minutes early to scrape the half inch of ice and snow off my car.

    I can leave the gym without bundling back up.

    I can go outside and play with my dog without putting a hat, scarf, mittens, coat, and boots on.

    The. List. Is. Endless.

  22. can’t wait to dig my toes in the sand at the beach and get my hands dirty in my garden. and eat ice cream of course.

  23. I fart when I’m nervous.

    Makes dating hard.

    This has nothing to do with spring.

  24. I’m not the only who farts when she’s nervous. I knew a girl on MySpace who did too.

  25. I’m going to share how I first read your title and how I now read your title:

    First read – you had carnal relations with your last date that went on and on and on.

    Now read – the last date of your life (aka, a solid long-term relationship) can’t come soon enough.

    That’s what you get for letting boys read your blog.

    2) Kayak
    3) Wear shorts and flip flops
    4) Yard sale!!
    5) Open the windows of my new place and keep them open (if the noise from the truck stop isn’t too loud…if it is, I’m guessing I’ll keep them open anyway)
    6) Not make Sobe nervous

  27. Sorry Gregory, I totally meant it the sex way. I’m like a guy sometimes…

  28. Two words. FLIP FLOPS.

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