Make Air, Not War

If you want to watch a movie that will make you smile and bob your head uncontrollably, I highly recommend Air Guitar Nation.  I just finished watching it, and it was the perfect remedy to my bad mood about DST.  (I’ll give you that it was nice to go to the gym after work and then have enough light to check my mail without a flashlight when I got home after 7:00.  That didn’t make it any warmer, however.  And it’s going to be dark when I get up tomorrow, so boo.)  All that aside, the move is a unique documentary about a strange subset of performers who compete in the World Championships of Air Guitar.  I’m not certain why I even rented it, and once it arrived, I kept shuffling it to the bottom of my pile of Netflixes (I’ve used it twice now, Stefanie, Czar of Grammar, I think that makes it officially a word!)  After days of other movies coming and going, I decided that I had 111 minutes to spend on it, and I was pleasantly surprised.  I think you might be as well.  I fully expect the sequel, Guitar Hero Nation, to be made in a year or two.  Maybe I’ll star in it.

Since I don’t have cable, I’ve never thought it necessary to have a good TV.  The one I’m currently using was a cast-off from The Grey Boy’s mother, who got a new set and let me have her old one, which was on its way out.  Four years later it’s still going strong!  The only thing is that it needs to warm up for a few minutes so the sound and the picture come in clearly.  Also, the remote control doesn’t work unless you use a combination of the exact right angle and The Force.  Yes, I’ve replaced the batteries.  Tonight, while the TV was warming up, I heated some leftover Indian food and poured a glass of wine to enjoy while watching my film.  When they were ready, I sat down on the couch, turned on them movie, and got blown away by how freaking loud it was.  I juggled the wine, the leftovers, and the cat (who had just made herself comfortable between my leg and the space heater) reaching for the TV remote.  While pointing it futilely at the set trying to get the volume down and maybe the subtitles on, a phrase popped into my head.

“If it’s too loud, you’re too old.”

And because I don’t want to let being 30 define me, I left the volume up at an intolerable level while I sipped my wine and ate my leftovers and cuddled my cat.  I might have missed the finer points of the dialog, but at least I rocked.  I’ll be wearing my leather pants to work tomorrow, and probably not answering any phone calls since my eardrums are blown.

Speaking of getting older, and on a totally unrelated note, SisterAlyson’s awesome dog Lola turned one over the weekend, officially going from puppy to dog.  Thankfully, she’s lost none of the cute.  Since no day with Lola can be a bad day, here’s a picture to tide you all over until you can rent Air Guitar Nation for yourself:


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  1. I am excited to Netflix Air Guitar Nation, but am afraid of how huge/loud it will be on Chris’s new movie screen. Err, television.

    Yeah, I don’t know if I’d want it to be huge. Those dudes are not pretty.

  2. Posted by Michelle on March 11, 2008 at 6:55 am

    Just watched Butterfly, about Julia Butterfly Hill. Wonderful film.

    I’ll take it into queue advisement!

  3. Oh, Lola, she really does look like an adult dog now, last time we saw pictures she was definitely still a pup.

    She’ll always be a pup in our hearts… I’ll have to show you the other pictures next time I’m over.

  4. I believe I complimented you on that usage, not criticized you for it. I often say I have free reign to make up words as long as I use the roots of other words, so I’ll bestow that same privilege on you as well, OK?

    My hair dryer recently started working only at certain angles. I tried jiggling the cord and other very mechanically sound solutions. It did not occur to me yet, however, to try to harness The Force. Thanks for the tip.

    Yes, tone is indeed all. The Force and small household appliances. I think there’s a book there.

  5. I love that dog!

    I’ll have to sneak Air Guitar Nation on my Netflix queue, though, like The King of Kong, it’s likely to be one of those that AS sneaks off and watches while I am out of town.

    King of Kong is on my list, too!

  6. Aww, happy birthday, Lola!

    Also, I fully support your use of “Netflixes”. And I loved your reasoning for not turning the volume down. 🙂 Also, your evening sounds lovely (leftover Indian? sipping wine? cuddling a kittycat? AWESOME.).

    It was a lovely evening. Sometimes I enjoy being indoors too much.

  7. this is going on net flix.

    i learned there is a bar around here that does guitar hero nights. i am SO needing to go there.

    That sounds like wicked awesome fun.

  8. Posted by lizgwiz on March 11, 2008 at 9:59 am

    That is a gorgeous dog! Happy birthday, Lola!

    Don’t you just want to snorgle her?

  9. I must be old because I always want the volume turned down. I am ok with that.

    As you should be.

  10. ROCK ON, Noelle.

    Off to add Air Guitar Nation to my Netflix list now, along with The King of Kong. I forgot about that one.

    Rock on, Courtney!

  11. 1) i don’t think leather pants are a good idea. for anyone.

    2) no cable??? You are insane. That means you don’t watch The Gauntlet on MTV! For shame.

    3) That dog is damn cute.

    I can catch The Gauntlet when it comes to DVD. Or not…

  12. Posted by Sarah on March 11, 2008 at 12:36 pm

    Oh, I just love her! Is she a boxer?

    She’s a boxer-pug-beagle. Basically, the best of all three in one.

  13. Glad to see someone else dislikes DST…I posted a rant about it the other day.

    Seen some excerpts from Air Guitar Nation making there way across the internets…if it cures bad moods I’m renting it.

    Do it! And down with DST!

  14. In my house I’m the King of Air Guitar, and nobody can take that away. But I’m still not wearing leather pants.

    Okay, no leather pants this time. How about a shiny shirt instead?

  15. another movie to add to the queue. thanks! 🙂

    You’re welcome!

  16. that dog is just too damn cute. I have not seen verry many movies and have not been to the library to get any that are free.they have tons of titles,but when you are a stay at home oh well.

    That’s why I love me some DVDs in the mail.

  17. I’ll watch Air Guitar Nation (I’ve been wanting to see it), but you need to see The King of Kong. So good. Maybe I’ll get around to returning it to Netflix one of these days.

    I think you’ll love AGN. I’ll make KOK my next, as soon as I’m in a documentary mood again.

  18. Keep in mind that even Ted Nugent wears earplugs when he performs.

    I thought of you this weekend because I finally Netflixxed (!) Battlestar Galactica, which I remember you raving about. Holy frak! I couldn’t turn it off. Can’t wait for the rest of the discs to show up.

  19. World Championships! I am so there.. I think I’ll start my set with Smoke on the Water…

  20. I’ll have to put that on my list!

    Lola is one cute dog!

    Before my husband upgraded our TV, we had one with a broken on button that required sticking a finger into the actual body of the TV to turn it on. Now, pressing an actual button seems kind of boring. I mean, the risk of electric shock is so minimal. . .

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