And the winner is…

Deb! Of Deb on the Rocks, who guessed that I slept in until 12:32, just 8 minutes shy of the real time.  I know she guessed again on a subsequent post, but I don’t count that answer because of rule 3.a, which I made up yesterday, and that stipulates that only guesses made on the original post count.  Sorry I threw off so many of you with my Harry Potter clue, I just didn’t want anyone to think that I was playing favorites, so I had to prove that I didn’t just make up a time to chose a winner based on a hometown real-life friend, a not-so-secret internet crush, or a person who I still owe a gift from my last contest. I have to give a shout out to Courtney, who was so close for a while, but got just outbid by two minutes.

And then there’s Liz, who was so close at 12:47, but was subject to my whim of using Price is Right rules when I decided that I wanted to make sure that no one could tie. She’s probably making a face like this right now:


(If she were a male college student making an ironic spring break trip to be on an iconic game show.)

So congrats, Deb, this is what you’ve won…


It’s a Hot Wheels watch. I hope you have really skinny wrists! This is actually perfect, because Deb just wrote a post about a really cool watch that she liked. I said to myself, “self, this watch is the perfect present for The Man Of Action, who will be joining me into the realm of 30 year olds tomorrow.” So I went and looked up more information on the watch, and realized that it was worth more than my car. I hope that he’s happy with the best of Hallmark instead.

Speaking of being cheap, I came to possess said wonderful prize because I was walking down the sale aisle of my grocery store and Frosted Mini-Wheats were on sale. I figured that they would be a nice treat to get me through this cheeseless month (yes, I’m crazy, but I needed to do something drastic before I appear before all those people in a bathing suit at the end of the month.) What I wasn’t expecting was that my bargain basement breakfast would come with a prize!


I’m holding out for the Barbie watch, so in the meantime, I’m happy to give away this hot hot wheels watch to the most deserving Deb. Congrats! And now, on to catching up with my missed day of work and internetting…


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  1. Frosted Mini Spooners kick the pants off Frosted Mini Wheats every day of the week except Sunday (oatmeal day and also the Sabbath; keep it holy). Plus, no box involved.

    I’m so bummed! That watch is awesome! Argh!

    I don’t think I know about Frosted Mini Spooners. I want to know more, though.

  2. Congrats to Deb. She earned that Hot Wheels Watch like no other.

    It’s true, she did.

  3. Curse those kicky Mini Mini Mini Mini Wheats jingles! Are you subjected to those in the States too? They’re stuck in my head on a daily basis.

    That watch is pretty freaking cool. Enough to make up for a month without cheese? No. You are still crazy.

    I don’t know the jingle, but then again, I also don’t have TV.

  4. Posted by lizgwiz on March 20, 2008 at 9:18 am

    That is EXACTLY what I looked like! Now, not wanting to stir the pot, but are you SURE you got up at 12:40? You didn’t just lie there a few extra minutes in a state of half-sleep which shouldn’t truly count as awake, ’cause your feet didn’t hit the floor until 12:47?

    Just kidding. Congratulations, Deb. Wear that Hot Wheels watch proudly!

    I am sure. I called my mom right away, which makes it even more mysterious that she guessed completely incorrectly.

  5. That’s a sweet watch. Congrats Deb!

    It is pretty cool. The flames mean that it’s going fast.

  6. Posted by nancypearlwannabe on March 20, 2008 at 9:26 am

    So close! Ah well, I suppose I can’t win EVERYTHING. (But it sure would be nice.) I totally thought Courtney had it, but congrats to Deb.

    In a way, you’re always a winner.

  7. Way to go, Deb!


  8. We go through SO MANY boxes of frosted shredded wheat and have never received a prize in one of them. My son would love that watch. Cause Hot Wheels are cool. We usually get our cereal at Sam’s Club, but I guess I’m off to search the grocery store. One of his buddies was wearing a watch last week and he said to the friend “You’re wearing a watch. Are you a big kid now?”

    I hope that they’re available in your area, and that he doesn’t accidentally get the Barbie one.

  9. OMG! that watch is bad! supa-fly-bad! Better than the one I was begging from the Easter Bunny. You rock, cause you sleep like a rock!



  10. i can only dream that some day i might actually win a contest.

    ps. unsolicited tip – cutting back on dairy also helps complexion issues…how do I know? Not only am I President of Cheese Cutter Backers, but I’m also a client.

    I don’t know if that indeed happened, as it seems that all of the small pimples I get from time to time concentrated themselves into one large honking one above my eyebrow.

  11. That Hot Wheels watch is way better than the trailer the college dude/Liz was betting on.

    By the way, you know when we were kids and McDonald’s would do Barbie/Hot Wheels toys at the same time and ask your parents if the Happy Meal was for a boy or a girl? Yeah, I always asked my mom to say for a boy so I could get the awesome Hot Wheels car rather than the Barbie toy which never did anything but just sit there. Is that weird?

    I did the same thing at McDonalds. I only wanted the Hot Wheels, because they actually DID something, and I had real Barbies at home that were way better than the inferior Happy Meal sized ones.

  12. I lost a Hot Wheels watch??? That is SO much worse than losing the Showcase Showdown!

  13. I need a new watch. The band on my is going to give out any day now, like one of those wish bracelets that we were supposed to wear until it fell off. So I guess I need to buy a box of Mini Wheats. Come on, Barbie watch!

    Also, Frosted Mini Wheats are vegan-friendly? Who knew? I
    would have thought there’d be some animal-derived chemical in there somewhere.

  14. Damn! So close.

  15. Congrats to Deb! That is a superfly watch and I’m sure she’ll wear it proudly.

  16. So did you feel rested, or were you completely thrown off for the rest of the day?

  17. A cheese-less month? That’s the saddest story I’ve ever heard.

  18. I am waiting patiently – we could put a deadline tho, hmm?? taxday (since i just did my taxes) or maybe my birthday – not til Aug. gives you plenty of time. just no Mini-wheats.

  19. 1. Congrats, Deb!

    2. Like Stefanie, I need a new watch desperately; this one is constantly losing time, and I don’t think it’s the battery. Time to invest in a box of cereal. Watch: I’ll get the Barbie one.

    3. I forget what three was.

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