I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend. Mine was quite enjoyable.  Saturday night I went to the city to celebrate the Man of Action’s birthday. A group of us had a dinner at an Italian place downtown, and then we all went to a hotel bar in Midtown which is celebrated for its pool that is nestled behind the bar so that swimmers can order a drink while submerged in four foot deep water.  Even though it seemed like it would be fun to swim without doing laps, I declined, since staying dry is one of my favorite things.  Besides, I was having a great time talking with the other party-goers, many of which were the few friends from high school that I would ever care to see, including the first boy I ever kissed, who I hadn’t seen in over ten years.  Other than being married, he hadn’t changed much.

On Sunday, I headed to New Jersey to join the family in order to celebrate the death of Jesus at the hands of egg-wielding bunnies and his resurrection via marshmallow peeps buried in green cellophane grass. We had brunch at an Italian place, went home to play board games and nap, then we went for a walk, and then we all decided we wanted Chinese food.  Ah Chinese food, the cuisine that can be counted on to be there for you on Christian holidays.

Since I’m setting my own rules for vegan March, I decided to give myself a 24-hour respite for the weekend so that I could eat at the restaurants on Saturday and Sunday without having to resort to a dinner of “mixed greens, with tomato.”  I also made exceptions for the few little items I had in my house like the leftover eggs and the cup of yogurt.  But now there is a new temptation that is sitting on my kitchen counter, taunting me:


Rocky Mountain Chocolate brought to me by friends who went on vacation, Girl Scout Cookies, and Creme Eggs bought for me in four pack form by a well meaning friend.  Even though the temptation to eat these delicacies is palpable, I’m going to abstain, and it’s because I’ve got really disappointing news about my dairyless month.

I’m upset because vegan March is doing exactly what I hoped it would. I weighed myself over the weekend, and I’ve lost five pounds since the beginning of the month. Also, I’ve had a lot more energy than usual (which is still a ridiculously low amount of energy). There’s also the fact that I’ve had less stomach cramping (I think I’m lactose intolerant based on what happens when I eat too much cheese or drink milk in any form), I’ve saved money on groceries and eating out, and my skin has cleared up a little. There’s one other thing, but if there are any men reading this, please skip to the next paragraph. Ladies, the other unexpected result was that my period this month was totally light and almost PMS-free.

So all in all, not eating cheese and dairy seems to be doing nothing but good, and that totally blows because I love cheese and milk chocolate and ice cream.  I’m also worried that come April, I’m going to devour everything in that picture in one sitting, after ordering myself a large pizza and eating the whole thing.  Maybe I’ll finish it off with a celery stick, just for balance.


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  1. You’ve gone and done it now. You’ve planted the seed of what life might be like if I didn’t enjoy copious amounts of cheeses on a daily basis. I am out of control with cheese. A meal is not a meal unless cheese is involved. But yet, the wonders of a cheese-free-life taunts me. I’d be scared to think of the percentage of my bodyweight that is solely based on cheese.

  2. Oh man. If cutting out all dairy means I’d lose weight… actually, I don’t know if I would want a life without cheese. I admire your dedication to a month without Cadbury Creme Eggs, but think how delicious one will be in April! The trick is to throw away the other three now, when you’re not missing them anyway.

    Also, my mother just gave me my “missing” box of Tagalongs on Sunday, after I had already eaten three different desserts. WHY?

  3. I think your plan for April sounds perfect. You should do exactly that.

    Better yet, have a contest and mail all those goodies to the winner. One idea: Everyone try to name the items in the glovebox of Mickey’s truck. What? It’s totally fair. I have no idea myself, but I’ll give you a clue: no gloves.

    Love the title, lactard.

  4. Now you are tempting me to try a vegan month. I’ve been saying I want to give up eggs (I’m a vegetarian) but the cheese and dairy part, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  5. Posted by lizgwiz on March 24, 2008 at 9:08 am

    I had cut my dairy way down for a while, but I’ve been backsliding the last few weeks. I need to get to work on that.

    Whatever you do, though, at the end of Vegan March, do NOT have a cheese and grease extravaganza to celebrate. I did that to celebrate 100 consecutive days of exercise and minimal dairy, and it nearly killed me. The pain, my god, the pain.

  6. Wow. That’s pretty incredible — all the positive changes you’ve had from cutting out dairy. I had something similar happen when I cut out wheat. It’s amazing what your body does to you when you keep eating stuff it doesn’t tolerate well.

  7. Maybe some vegan tendencies will stick with you and you’ll still be able to keep weight off, have more energy, etc. while still enjoying the occasional cheesy snack. Good luck.

    Personally, I think a world without cheese is not a world worth living in.

  8. I don’t think the excess weight that I have bothers me enough to reject my friend cheese.

  9. i read that sentence.

    and I’m vegetarian, but I don’t know how you are doing the vegan thing. You’re crazy.

  10. Girl Scout Cookies! Yum!

    I’m lactose intolerant but can’t give up cheese or milk. I love it too much. I often suffer through the stomach pain with a smile on my face after having a bowl of Cap ‘n Crunch!

    Glad you had a fun weekend 🙂

  11. I’m with 3carnations – I am not willing to give up my friend cheese for weight loss. Which could be why I have such trouble losing weight, but whatever.

  12. You know, it just occurred to me that my intense dislike of cheese could be the reason I remain so svelte despite the fact that my diet consists of garbage (primarily).

    Yay for not liking cheese! Also, if you decide to go vegan again in April, you can give me all those eggs and cookies and crap.

  13. This is why I could never be a vegan. I could easily give up chocolate, but I couldn’t function without cheese.

  14. Oh, the guilt. I’m going to think of you and your successful vegan ways every time I eat a piece of pizza … which is probably more often than it should be.

    Perhaps I’ll try a vegetarian month first and see where that goes.

  15. I think that reducing dairy consumption probably is a good thing… but it’s so hard! Hopefully you can find some moderation that still gives you most of the benefits?

  16. Oh man. That is one depressing dilemma. It’s like Sophie’s Choice, but with cheese.

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