Thanks everyone, for the comments on yesterday’s post. In the course of my adult life, I’ve felt all the combinations: happy while in a relationship, sad while in a relationship, happy while single and now sad while single. I would never go so far as to say that I’m depressed, but I do tend to have periods of time when that dark cloud of depression hangs on to me and won’t let go and makes me feel very sad about things that I would otherwise feel just sorta bummed about. Usually, when I feel that way it presents itself by making me very tired, and when I’m very tired, it’s hard to get excited about work, and when you spend 8 hours a day being unexcited about what you’re doing, well, let’s just say that’s where the vicious circle comes in. Usually, the cloud just goes away on its own, and it doesn’t hurt if something happy comes along to chase it away.

I can’t say that what happened last night chased my blues away, but it did make the cloud disperse a little. While driving to physical therapy, my friend Pantsless called to invite me to a swing class he was teaching at the local coffee shop. It happened to start at exactly 30 minutes after my appointment ended, and I knew there would be a lot of kickballers there that I haven’t seen since The Championship Game of Doom. Faced with the option of either spending the night alone with a bowl of pasta and a DVD or going out and putting my physical therapy to work for me, I chose to go out. And darn if I didn’t have a great time. I only sucked at it a little bit, and we didn’t do anything that was too taxing on either my skills or my ankle, and at the end I felt comfortable enough to throw in a few bits of flair. I even think that there was one potential single guy there, although I’m going to have to get the low-down with The Dutchess before making my next move, because she’s got the info on everyone.

And speaking of people without pants, I saw an article in the local paper this morning that made my heart smile. I hope you all enjoy Drunken Driver Without Pants had Pot in the Car as much as I did. (Especially the part about the man caught at the doughnut drive-through! Bonus story!)


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  1. Good, I’m glad you got out and did things. When I had my bleak phase I would have been far less courageous and gone home to my bowl of pasta and wished I had gone out.

  2. Well, at least the woman had a reason for being sans pants. Dunno about the guy in the donut drive-thru, however. Maybe he just intended to run out for a jelly donut and didn’t feel like putting pants on?


    Glad you’re feeling a bit better, Christmas Tree. And that you felt comfortable enough to throw in some flair.

  3. Posted by Jennifer M. on March 26, 2008 at 3:28 pm

    I like that the doughnut guy was only “accused” of going pantsless. Does that mean that we will have to rely on eye-witness testimony? Where is the security camera footage? Maybe he was just wearing an itty-bitty European-style bathing suit that the drive through worker was unable to see? Will it devolve into he-said she-said? How will the jury make an impartial determination?

  4. If only everyone at the gathering had been pantsless. That would put anyone in a good mood.

    Glad you’re feeling better, and good luck with potentially single dude!

  5. Glad to hear you’re digging out of the rut. I’m hoping an upcoming wine tour might lift me out of my doldrums. Or maybe blogging my way out of it is the ticket too …

  6. Ha! I love that her excuse for not wearing pants. Because, you know, if you have to go to the bathroom, they do get in the way so terribly. I am totally picturing people in an office taking their pants off at their desk so they can run to the bathroom.

    Good for you for going swing dancing! That’s awesome. I’ve been through that whole cycle of sad you’re describing and it sucks. You feel like you should just snap out of it, and you can’t. But it sounds like you just danced some of it out of you. Awesome.

  7. I think the donut guy was just trying to abide by the “No shirt, no shoes, no service” sign by not going inside. Except wait. They didn’t specify if he was wearing a shirt and shoes! And those signs never say anything about pants!

    As for the girl… Oh my. If ever I’m so drunk that I think I need to take my pants off to pee, I certainly hope I will realize I am too drunk to drive. Also, I hope no one has a camera.

  8. Sounds like a great night. Glad you had fun! 🙂

  9. Yay, swing class! Isn’t it the greatest when you’re feeling kind of down, and out of the blue, a friend calls you up with a nice distraction?

  10. Posted by lizgwiz on March 27, 2008 at 8:43 am

    Good for you! I probably would have gone the DVD and pasta route.

    Maybe the pantsless guy just needed a place to stack his donuts. (Ewww…)

  11. Pants!

    It’s amazing what some friends and a night away from the DVD player can do for your spirits. Maybe I’ll try that sometime.

    Local news is the shaz. And you know what word just might be funnier than pants? Pantsless.


  12. I imagine driving pantsless eliminates the need to walk a straight line or recite the alphabet when pulled over.

  13. Posted by nancypearlwannabe on March 27, 2008 at 10:19 am

    PANTS PANTS PANTS. Did you know there is a topless donut shop in Maine? It’s true. I can take you there.

  14. Posted by Jamie on March 27, 2008 at 11:23 am

    Glad you had fun in swing class. As for the pantsless people, it does save time.

    Good luck this weekend!

  15. I had no idea pant-less crimes were such a problem upstate!

  16. That’s great! Glad you were able to get out with some friends and have a good time. If swing dancing doesn’t cheer a person up they probably need some heavy meds.

  17. Oh Snap, I am way jealous of the Swing Dancing…how cool is that???

    You should audition for Dancing with the Stars, and if they say you are not a star, then you can argue the fact that you, “Christmas, Christmas tree” are a far bigger star then lets say…Steve Guttenberg, right??

    anyway, I think you are splendid and I am sorry you are sad lately.

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