I’m Twittering

I’m on my way to my swim meet shortly, and I’ve been asked if I can live blog. However, pool water + brand new macbook is probably a bad idea. However, it also so happens that I’ve just signed myself up for Twitter. The magic of that is that I can send updates from my cell phone, once I’ve dried off my hands long enough to pull it out and text. Here’s where you can follow me:

For those of you who were like me two days ago and have no idea what Twitter is, here’s the run-down as I understand it:

You get 140 letters to describe what you’re doing at that time, so it’s like a mini-blog.  You can sign up to follow people’s mini-blogs, and they can sign up to follow yours.  The mini-blogs are called “tweets.”  That’s a lot like reading blogs in an RSS feed, but confusingly enough you can also read tweets in an RSS feed!

Wait, don’t go away, it’s not that complicated!

If you follow the link above, you can go to my Twitter page and follow what I’m doing as I update.  From there, you can also sign up to get text messages of what I’m doing, which seems a little crazy, no?  Like who would do that except my mom, who only has her cell phone on for one hour a day?  But more importantly, I can update from my phone so you can see what I’m doing, and you will be the first to know if I come in last place or next to last place in the 50 yard backstroke.

So now that I’m on facebook and myspace and twitter and flikr and stumbleupon, I think it’s time to get a new technology out there so I can come across it two years from now!  Get on that tech people!


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  1. Hmmm, I’m only on twitter, facebook, and flickr. I’m so behind the times.

  2. I’ve been holding out on Twitter, only because it will just be one more thing for me to neglect. Plus, at this point, it would just be things like:

    1:30: Watching Card Sharks. Such a letdown after the Match Game.

  3. Just added you. Woot! Good luck and have fun!

  4. twittering is ADDICTIVE! i’ve been over on text messages the last two months in a row.

  5. How can I pick up your tweets on my car telephone?

  6. I still don’t understand stumbleupon, so you’re one ahead of me there.

    Maybe I should finally join Twitter, too! Then I can Twitter all weekend even though I won’t be live-blogging my trip.

    Nah, sounds like too much work.

  7. I got your new technology. It’s called tumblr and it’s halfway between blog and twitter. Why that’s necessary, I have no idea. I’ve signed up for it just in case I feel like using it in about 2 years, though so far I’m resisting it.

  8. Awesome! Minute-by-minute swim updates!

  9. Good luck!

    Also, I’m slightly freaked out – my real life and online life collide once again near you (as if me shopping in your family’s store wasn’t enough) – you follow my brother on Twitter.

  10. i’ve been on it for awhile – a widget that remained dormant on my previous blog for months. coincidently, i just started using it again the other day. i’m “following” you now.

  11. I had twitter, then buried it in a “simplicity” kick. It’s in the wind…so I might have to start again. I hate missing anything!

  12. I just tagged you for a meme!

  13. I’ll have to actually figure out how to use my twitter account. Same with Facebook, MySpace, etc. I totally fail at remembering to deal with them.

  14. this is one case where an old dog cannot learn a new trick.
    ‘nuf said.

  15. I’m still a Twitter virgin, and trying to figure out its appeal. It’s interesting, but I don’t want that to replace my blogging effort and there’s only so much time in the day!

  16. I just discovered blogging, so you’re gonna have to give me about six years or so to figure this one out.

  17. That sounds like a lot of work, and I already waste far too much time on the internet as it is. Sounds fun, though.

  18. sounds like too much to me. I’d never interact with actual people if i was doing twitter too.

  19. but i might try it anyway.

  20. that was twitter-freaking-tastic. hope you did well at the swim meet. we missed you last night btw, but you didnt miss much. oh yeah, let me know the next time you attend dance class, because i think i might go as well. ok, so theres my blog site….and i’m not sure if you have my pic/vid site but it’s http://www.dropshots.com/chatienez -it has all the cute pics from tuckers b-day and every other fucking thing i bring my camera to. talk to you soon. peaceeeeeee

  21. i love technology!! i wish twitter did picture posting on the fly too!

  22. Posted by nancypearlwannabe on March 30, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    Bah. I signed up for it and now I actually like it. I think the internet is conspiring to kill me with sloth.

  23. i just jumped on the bandwagon this morning. still figuring it out 🙂

    it’s like changing your AIM away message in college between classes, no?

  24. uhoh…I might be hooked.


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