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By the way, before the fracas started with that other post, I totally got an award from a cool blogger. Jenn at You are Flawed if You are Not Free gave me the Award of Distinction! Go me! Go you!

Out of curiosity, I did a quick stat check on my blog. Normally, I get 300-400 views. Now don’t get your panties in a bunch, because about 7/8ths of those views are from people who are looking for funny kickball team names. Seriously, I don’t have any interesting Googleage because the top 20 search items on my blog are always something team name related. It’s really spiked since spring team season has started.

But on Wednesday, when the lovely people at Reddit (pronounced Read it! Get it!? Clever!) decided to take a blog post out of context and use it as a launching pad to discuss everything they hate about women, I got 18,275 hits. Yeah. For the first time ever, I really wish I had some ads on this site. I probably would have made at least $25 off of those people, and that would have made the whole thing worth it, because I’m going to the city this weekend, and the train costs about $25. Oh well.

Maybe what I’ll do is install some ads for penile enhancement real quick and then write another post about how for fun and sport I like to sit in public places and be a flaming bitch by pointing out the flaws in every single guy I see then howl about the fact that I can’t get a date! Then all those commenters will come back and to assure me that my pickup methods will lead me to unhappiness, childlessness, and multiple cat ownership. If I’m lucky, the may even suggest that for good measure I should drink some bleach now to end it all. But joke’s on them when they click through looking for more information on “natural growth pills” and I’ve made enough money to pay for my next haircut. While they’re sitting at home willing their hairline to stop receding and their pills to come in the mail, I’m actually going out and being social (except the recovery nights when I’m watching Locke in Space Camp.)

I want to give Awards of Distinction right back to all of you who commented in the positive. Alas, arbitrary internet rules dictate that I can only hand it out to 5 of you. In no particular order:

Carter, Funky, for being the first to make it through the italics post and warm my heart.
Carnations, 3, for still being nice to me despite the fact that the only mean comment I can remember leaving was on her blog.
Creed, Apollo, for getting so many damn comments despite being a brand new blog that he inspired me to do more to promote this old thing, and look where it got me.
Ordinary, The Extra (Erikka), for understanding that I decided against doing a guest blog, and still leaving some cool comments.
Answers, Allie’s, for being a great supporter, and who has about 20 blog posts I need to catch up on. Happy Earth Day!

Honorable mention to everyone else who commented in kind, to Stefanie, who is totally is a real life friend now. May you all have 18,275 hits of love, I promise I’ll be over to your places to say hello as soon as I finish up this work from 2 days of being away from the office.

UPDATE: Hot damn, I didn’t realize that the awesome Mickey also gave me this award. That not only makes me feel special, but also makes me feel not so weird about the fact that of all the people I could have awarded, 2/5ths of them already had the award.


24 responses to this post.

  1. I’ll take Honorablr Mention.I hope that you are haveing a great day.

    As, and was. Enjoy!

  2. Wow, I’m distinct! Thank you so much!

    Geez, I had pretty much forgotten that already (although I remember things my kindergarten teacher said). For the record, you weren’t that mean…and I guess it could have been worse. You could have been meaner, anonymous, and had 100 of your friends leave similar comments. That would have hurt. 🙂

    Oh, then if you forgot, then nevermind!

  3. Hey – Moderation is off! You’re brave! 😉

    Not off. I’m using a white list, so only people with approved comments can comment here. Guess who’s not approved?

  4. i’ll take the hits of love : )

    that stat number is out of control, holy moly! (yes, i said holy moly)

    and, thanks for the new reads!

    It is moly full of holes! And check my well-groomed blogroll page if you want some more!

  5. I’d give my first born for 18,275 hits.

    Really, I would, the first kid is always worthless, right?

    and thanks for the award! You’re too nice!

    I think you’re cruising for some major hits there buddy. You want me to link you to Reddit? I have a feeling they are much meaner to women over there, but let’s test the theory!

  6. Hmm…about 100 crazy people? Is that who’s NOT approved? Heh.

    That’d be it!

  7. WOW!

    Thank you!

    I’m now embarrassed because I wanted to give the award to you, but as you already had it, I changed my mind.

    You are way cooler than me. 🙂

    Aw, shucks. It just proves you read blogs more carefully than I do.

  8. Thank you! I’m going through the same embarrassment as Erikka.

    I was totally thinking when you got all of those comments that if you’d had BlogHer ads you’d have made some pocket change off of those creeps.

    And I know I’ve been crazy with the posts lately — it is the Earth Day rush. So much info — it’s like being an accountant at tax time, only without all those numbers.

    Maybe when I rearrange my page next month I’ll think about adding them.

  9. 18,000 hits?!? Woah. And your kickball team name searchers are my “Eat Pray Love” people. When everyone stops reading that book, I’ll probably have ten visitors a day.

    That’s funny, you are the authority on THE book club book of the year.

  10. and ps. thanks for pointing out Apollo Creed’s blog. he funny too. real funny.

    I know!

  11. Ah, a nice way to round out the week; especially considering I’ve been the Worst Blogger Ever this week (two posts? ugh).

    You awesome, btw. I say install those ads. And people wonder why I hate my gender so much.

    Your gender has some strong contention with people like Mickey, Appollo Creed and Birmingham

  12. 18,275?! Holy ****!

    That’s a HUGE jump from 400! Too bad you didn’t have ads up. I’d go with the penile enlargement ones by the way 😛

    Congrats on your award – even though I gave it to you. You are fabulous and I couldn’t think of a more deserving blogger!

    I wonder if BlogHer does enhancement ads?

  13. OH lord have mercy on google searches – my top ones? Dermot Mulroney Lip Scar. ALWAYS.

    Drives me insane.

    Reddit can go suck it. Totally out of context.

    That I just don’t get At All.

  14. Good lord, the crazies really come out sometimes, don’t they?

    Stupid people. You are indeed excellent!

    Thanks! I think you are, too.

  15. I’m super behind on my blog reading/commenting this week and I just read the post in discussion. wow, the stuff people think they can get away with saying on the interweb when they use an alias and refrain from linking to their site is insane. grow up people, poop on someone else’s parade.

    but on the plus side… you probably acquired a new reader or too, and that’s alway nice.

    congrats on the award(s) – you deserved it!

    Thanks! Actually, I’m really glad it all happened at a time I was away from my blog. I got to deal with the entire situation at once.

  16. Huzzah for you. It is indeed a mighty fine blog.

    Thanks! I just started reading yours as well.

  17. I was kinda mad that Jenn gave you the award before I could. Your blog is indeed one of my favorites. Congrats!

    I’m glad it is. I’d do it for no awards, too.

  18. Congratulations on the award! Happy earth day!

    Thanks, you too! Enjoy the reusing and renewing!

  19. Someone in the vast algorhythm that is 2.0 SEO and rankings you benefit somehow from those hits. I can’t explain it, but just like unicorns and global warming, in theory I believe it exists.

    Yeah, I’m hoping for some kind of long-lasting power.

  20. You are indeed distinct. 18,275 people seem to think so.

    And thanks for the new nickname. I’m taking Awesome Mickey and I’m running with it. You think they’ll change my ID badge at work?

    If it sticks, then who am I to argue?

  21. Good night! Over 18,000 hits? I vote you Blogland Prom Queen cause you are like, SO totally popular! I want to hang out with you, cool girl, so maybe I can be cool by association and get, um, 5 hits on my blog. :^D

    Have a great week!


    Uh, I don’t know if you saw what got it to that, but seriously, I’d advise that you stick with your 5. From what I can tell, those are 5 quality bloggers.

  22. 18,000 Hits??? Wow, that is a lot of haters.

    Fortunately, you have at least 21 (now 22) lovers right here on this thread. Mwah!

    I know, I’m so trying not to judge myself by comment or hit number, but how can I not? Actually, this whole thing puts those kinds of things into perspective, and I’d go for quality over quantity any day.

  23. Posted by wingtip on April 22, 2008 at 2:05 am

    What happens if you drink bleach?

    1. nothing happens to you, my daughter drank about a 1/4 cup by accident when she was 18 months old and I called poison control and they said it does not harm your body at all it could make you a little sick but actually cleans out your system.

    2. I’m an old ER nurse and we saw kids all the time that drank bleach. Why they will drink that and not eat vegetables is beyond me. You will come to no harm. It will not hurt you. They put chlorine in our drinking water..although not such a strong amout all at once. Just dilute it with some water.

    3. ummmm, you might die of poisoning!!!!!!!
    But your digestive system will be cleaned and sanitized.

  24. Wow, what you miss when you’re gone for months and months and months…

    I hope my little blog stays hidden away from the crazy masses–but if it doesn’t, I hope I handle it it half as well as you did. I’m so glad you’re still here and haven’t closed up shop in disgust!

    Glad to be back!

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