Yeah, it’s different

I made it through all of April without eating Ramen noodles or telling you that {redacted} and {redacted} were the people featured in my header photo.  So to celebrate, I changed the template a little, too.  Someday I might learn how to really design something, but for now I hope you enjoy this new standard look.


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  1. Hey,guess what Mikey likes it.

    He likes it! He likes it!

  2. But now we aren’t twins anymore!!!

    WTF is up with WordPress adding possible related links, especially links to blogs I have never heard of?

    Yeah, if you copy this template, I’m calling Single White Female on you. The related links thing is weird.

  3. I like it. I really need to get around to changing my header. Beej playing skeeball is a bit old.

    Yeah, I love it when you add some color for the holidays. More color!

  4. Posted by nancypearlwannabe on April 30, 2008 at 7:21 pm

    I am a fan of the new header. The old one was too curiosity-provoking. I am not a fan of the “possibly related posts” thing though. Is that some wordpress thing?

    Yeah, and if you try to turn it off, it makes you feel really guilty by saying, “but this is how other people can find your blog and you can find theirs.” I guess it’s wordpress-wide.

  5. I like it! It’s nice!


  6. Your headers are always ace. Do people say that, “ace”? I want to.

    They do in my world.

  7. I’m looking at this on my cell phone while drinking high octane beers. Not only can I not see the header very well, but I’m feeling froggy. So, I’m going to be “that guy” with my comments.

    + I have a theory on the last header – NT & B under the U.

    + “Aces” has been said before. If you want to take it singular and try that on. you have my support.

    + I dislike “Possibly Related Links” on WordPress. WTF? I almost posted about it. Little relevance and very annoying in my book..

    + Congrats on no Ramen and surviving April.

    I love drunk commenting. You should do it more.

  8. like the new look and i think i’ll give up ramen noodles too.

    I feel good about it, although such a quick and easy dinner fix…

  9. Nice. I was actually just wondering about the header pic people again earlier this week. You’re really, really not going to tell us if it’s you? (Boo.)

    I love that the tree farm gives you endless opportunities for photo headers.

    Maybe I’ll reveal once it’s completely not relevant to anyone.

  10. I meant header photos, not photo headers. Eh. Whatever.

    I like photo headers too.

  11. I like the new journalistic look. And on a related note, yes Ben, people do say ace. Especially if you’re Logan Hunsburger and calling your gf Rory Gilmore by your pet name for her. (phew that sentence took way more work than expected and still probably doesn’t make sense)

    I’m trying to wrap my head around that sentence, but I think it will have to wait until later.

  12. Are you giving up something for May? Or are you giving up giving things up…?

    I would like to give up giving things up, but I’m going to try vegan again. I’ll be on vacation for a while, so that might make it hard.

  13. Posted by lizgwiz on May 1, 2008 at 8:32 am

    I’ve eaten ramen noodles twice this week. I hadn’t had them in months, and suddenly…I can’t get enough.

    Love the new header. A “no tresspassing” sign by an inviting country lane immediately makes me want to trespass. Like a “don’t touch” sign literally makes my hand start itching to touch.

    Yeah, that sign really doesn’t do much, especially since the gate is ALWAYS open.

  14. Posted by RA on May 1, 2008 at 8:57 am

    Is the plan to go back to Ramen? Or was this a trial-basis-maybe-it’ll-stick kind of thing?

    If the economy keeps tanking, I might have no recourse but go back to the ramen.

  15. Love it. Looks fresh, clean, and springy. Just like a good blog should.

    Yeah, she’s a good little blog.

  16. I’m always drawn to pictures of roads or drives … I spend lots of time wondering where it leads.

    Well that road leads to more trees!

  17. i dig it.

  18. Love the new header!

  19. I use wordpress and I didn’t have that thing show up on my blog. I wonder why?

  20. I need a new header and design. My design won’t let you change the header colors or image. Boo.

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