I feel like the most powerful woman in the world

OMG, I just biked to work for the first time ever.  And since that means I’m blogging at work, even though I got here 15 minutes earlier than I estimated, I’m going to make this short.

It was great.

I live on the top of a very tall hill, and I pretty much coasted the entire 3 or so miles to work.  It only took 15 minutes.  I am scared shitless about going home tonight.  I think I’ll leave at 3:00 just to give myself some extra time to walk to the bike for most of the way.  My brand new snazzy red biker shirt alone ain’t gonna get the job done.

The only thing I didn’t like about my ride this morning, other than the cold wind that is still stinging my precious ears, is that my 50MPH winding road is a little lacking in the shoulder area.  In fact, just where the road gets the most curvy and full of blind spots is exactly where the shoulder disappears completely.  Kind of like that corny “Footprints” poem, but backwards.


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  1. I totally should bike to work, as I live 1 mile away. The only issue with that is that I would have to go home after taking my son to daycare to swap the car for the bike. I don’t think the timing would quite work out. Plus I run errands on my lunch break. Hard to carry a gallon of milk on a bike…Yep, I’ve got a million excuses. 😉

    Yeah, it’s hard to balance the errands with the biking.

  2. The last line of your post is tremendous!!!!


  3. Congrats! Although I have to admit, I am mostly jealous of the gas money you will save.

    Except that it barely takes me any gas to go 3 miles…

  4. Posted by Kate on May 29, 2008 at 9:46 am

    Damn! That is awesome- you’re a woman of many talents CCT. Can’t wait to hear about the ride home. Be safe or we’ll have to get you a horn for your bike.

    The cars go to fast to hear the horn!

  5. You live only three miles from work? Color me jealous. Yes, I fully realize I chose NOT to live three miles from work. I can still be jealous, right? Apparently I want to live in some magical house that shifts locations so that it’s close to work on weekdays and close to fun and friends on weekends. What? That’s too much to ask?

    Yeah, I was able to pick my residence after I knew where my job was.

  6. Posted by lizgwiz on May 29, 2008 at 10:18 am

    I’m impressed! Of course, I’ll be even more impressed when you confirm to us that you did, indeed, make it back home. 😉

    I did, so you can start your impression now.

  7. Posted by Jess on May 29, 2008 at 11:11 am

    Rock on with your bad bike riding self! Be careful on the ride home!

    Will do!

  8. Posted by deutlich on May 29, 2008 at 11:23 am

    I want to ride my bike too work!! But I live WAY too far away for all of that.

    Yeah, there is a point of no return for that kind of stuff.

  9. do you see other bikers out there ever? they sort of pave the way for you. if not, it will be your blood and guts and possible bike parts to pave the way for others…

    but on a brighter note – go you for riding to work! i just tried to convince my mom she should ride the 5 miles to work and she was so against it. the thought of being “smelly and dirty” when she got there was the deciding factor. does your job have a shower facility?

    Sometimes there are other bikers there… And no, no showers at work. We barely even have a toilet.

  10. im contemplating riding my bike to work. it is only 3 miles. that’s nothing right?

    It really is nothing. My 3 miles (downhill) takes about 15 minutes, and my uphill took about 25.

  11. Any time you can work “Footprints” (or whatever) into casual conversation*, it’s a good day.

    * – Or casual blogging, anyway.

    I’ll try and do it more often. Because those are the times I carried you my son.

  12. Yeah, I’m totally waiting for the story about the return trip. *evil smile*

    I still very much am impressed.

    So evil! It was pretty evil.

  13. The ride in is never the issue, it’s the ride home. For me anyways. Especially now that the ride there is downhill and uphill the whole way back. Barefoot. In 10 feet of snow. Ok, I digress.

    I’d rather do the uphill and the way TO work not the other way around. But then I don’t have a job so it doesn’t really matter anyhow.

    Good for you for riding to work. Like the rest, I look forward to the tale of the ride home.

    Uphill on the way home felt like a good alternative to going to the gym after work.

  14. I used to ride my bike to class and I would get there all sweaty.. so I quit doing that. But I still walk and it’s so nice. I love biking though….just when I can have a shower afterword!

    Yeah, when I got home, I needed a shower. Bad.

  15. The hill works in your favor because you will be fresh-smelling and non-sweaty when you get to work.

    We have tons of really nice bike paths by my house that run along the road. And yet there are cyclists who still ride dangerously on the road! It makes me so mad! You should lobby for some bike paths. I will sign a petition for you.

    I would like some bike paths. Or at least a wider shoulder. Where does one start to lobby, I wonder?

  16. Posted by susancyclist on May 29, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    Sorry, bike paths are some of the most dangerous riding spots there are.

    I highly recommend baby wipes for post ride freshness. And maybe a clean shirt.

    Did the clean shirt thing, didn’t think about the baby wipes. Why are paths dangerous? They’re about to open a brand new one around here.

  17. I would totally bike to work if I had a long hill to coast AND I didn’t have to face the traffic on 57th Street & Fifth Ave!

    I never worked up the nerve to bike in Manhattan.

  18. Go you! I don’t own a bike – but if I did, I’d be too afraid to ride in the street here in Chicago.

    Yeah, when you have access to great public transport, it’s not as needed.

  19. I’m impressed. I hope the return trip works out.

    I draw the line at curvy roads with no shoulder. It’s just not a fair fight.

    Yeah, it’s a little treacherous.

  20. That’s awesome! Good for you!

  21. I envy you for being able to bike to work!

  22. I am impressed! I don’t own a bike, but have thought about getting one and riding to work. But I am scared shitless of Chicago drivers on the city streets!

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