Did anyone else just see June fly by?

Sometimes you don’t realize that it’s the end of the month, and get caught off guard by the AM radio DJ’s as happened to me this morning. It’s especially pronounced on these silly 30-day months, I think. Anyway, I hope your June was as enjoyable as mine was. Especially this past weekend.

On Saturday I went to a baseball game with a friend of mine from Sunday School days (who we call “Macy” around these parts). Her parents and her boyfriend and my sister also joined us. I don’t want to say too much about it, though, for the fears that I might incite a riot of jealousy and hatred among you lovely blog readers. That’s because 1) it was a Mets / Yankees game, 2) it was at Shea, which is not long for this world, 3) we sat EIGHT SEATS BEHIND HOME PLATE and 4) the tickets were free. Sister Alyson kept looking around with these big eyes smiling at the fact that her die-hard baseball loving boyfriend was stuck at home and we were sitting where we could see the tiny details on the players’ faces.

Anyway, thanks so much to Macy and her folks, especially her dad who works for a company that sponsors Major League Baseball and her mom who provided me with breakfast, dinner and organic cheese. (We took a trip to a dairy farm before the game, because why not?)

Speaking of cheese, as you may know, I’ve been doing the month-to-month elimination diet. March was a all-vegan month, April was no-pasta, no-Ramen, May was an attempt to be no-high fructose corn syrup, but when that proved to be too hard, turned into no-soda May. Today marks the last day of no-fried food June. It’s gone pretty well. There was one slip-up where I made stir fry (and then I wasn’t sure if that counted as fried food) and one day where I ate about 50 Doritos before I realized that they were fried and overeating on Doritios at the end of May was the reason I thought to do this month in the first place.

But other than that is wasn’t that hard. The biggest challenge was the night the swim team went to Denny’s after the meet. But thanks to the many Americans who are trying to eat healthy, they now offer a veggie burger with fruit on the side, buried among the rest of the golden fried menu. It wasn’t even that bad.

In July, I think I want to give myself more of a challenge than just not eating french fries. I’m not ready for a full-on Oprah (copied by Dooce and then scads of other women) detox. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to cut out all sugar, dairy, wheat, caffeine and alcohol, mostly because I don’t want to always be “that girl” abstaining from the birthday cake.

But I’ve decided that my challenge for July is to cut out sugar. I know this means ice cream. It also means cranapple juice, the aforementioned birthday cake, and chocolate bars. But July seems like a good time for cutting out sugar, because so many delicious fruits are in season, and they can stand in for dessert. I’m making an exception for the 4th of July, because I already bought the ingredients to make a cake. Also, I have one half-eaten pint of ice cream in the freezer that will go bad if I wait until August. But when that’s gone, it’s on!

Anyone want to join me? Anyone know (keeping in mind that I’m counting artificial sugar as sugar) any good sugar-free dessert recipes?  Also, I’ll be playing along with RA’s Whip it Up challenge, so they’ll be some new recipes around here this summer.


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  1. Cut out sugar? Sorry, can’t join you there. I have been eating actual portion sizes of just about everything I eat for the last couple months, so that’s certainly something.

    Stir Fry doesn’t count as fried. It has to be cooked in a vat of oil to be offically fried in my opinion.

    Overall, I try and do the portion size thing. But that gives me so much trouble.

  2. I cut out sugar for about two years. When I realized that wheat was actually my issue, I went back to allowing myself sugar. I’m much more aware of it, and try to limit, but I’m not giving it up again. I am in love with Agave syrup though, and that keeps me off the sugar quite a bit.

    Saw this:


    You could totally join this guys band and rock the galaxy.

    I think I might give up wheat in a coming month if this goes well. And I wish I knew how to play an instrument.

  3. Posted by lizgwiz on June 30, 2008 at 9:59 am

    I wouldn’t think to count stir-fry as “fried,” per se. I have also had the veggie burger at Denny’s, but I had it with fries. Delicious, delicious fries. That would be the one thing I’d have a real problem with if I cut out fried foods–fried potatoes in all their forms–fries, tots, chips, hash browns.

    I think I’d have an easier time with sugar, as long as I could still eat fruit. Maybe I’ll try to join you in sugar-free July.

    Yeah, frying a potato is a good thing. That’s why I only gave it up for a month. And fruit, it’s totally cool in sugar-free July.

  4. Give up cranapple? No way – there are 100% juice options! I believe there is a frozen concentrate that is 100% juice – old orchard or something equally appetizing – or in the already mixed form there is Northland cranberry products. Maybe I have these brands since Wisconsin is cranberry country, and they certainly aren’t the same as sugary Ocean Spray, but giving up cranberry completely is just not an option for me!
    As for more natural recipes, less sugar, etc. Check out Heidi’s blog – http://www.101cookbooks.com. There are usually healthier dessert recipes that use honey or agave.
    No ice cream in July just seems wrong – you are too die hard for me! Good Luck!

    I’ve tried the 100% juice, but it’s just not the same. Also, it’s way pricey. I think I can go a whole month without it… I hope…

  5. I’m back to eating healthy this month, but I can’t go no sugar – I need that tablespoon in my coffee each morning.

    I never got down with the sugar in the coffee, so I should be okay on that front.

  6. Badger Reader is right – there is a 100% fruit juice version of Cranapple, made by Ocean Spray. It is not as good as regular Cranapple, but it isn’t horrible.

    My birthday is in July, so I am giving myself the right to eat all the sugar I want!

    I do think it sounds like a good thing to do though. Maybe I will try a no-sugar month after the baby is born.

    When it comes around to January, I can’t imagine what I will forsake. I think birthday month should be free-pass month.

  7. Does this include Splenda?

    I am trying to eat healthier this month ala my new Weight Watchers membership. I might cut something out of my diet soon, but I think I’m going more for a moderation thing.

    Yes. Artificial sugar is still sugar. I think I’m making it include any added sugar. Natural sugars in fruit will be okay.

  8. sugar is a good one! i feel like i have cut out all sugar with this vegan thing im doing.

    one week down, 3 more and then some to go.

    you can eat natural sugar right?

    Once you go vegan, all the other stuff is easy.

  9. Give up sugar?

    I think I’d rather hang out with Paris Hilton than do that.

    You won’t get any nasty diseases from cutting out sugar.

  10. Good luck! I couldn’t do this because I can’t drink coffee with no sugar, artificial or not.

    So you can have fruit, since it is natural sugars?

    Oh yeah, I’m all about the fruit. I’m going to try and eat more fruit that normal.

  11. I think I could actually eliminate sugar from my diet except for Dr. Pepper. I could never eliminate Dr. Pepper.

    Well that’s just strange, I say…

  12. Posted by nancypearlwannabe on June 30, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    I might be able to give up real sugar, as long as I could still have Splenda. Otherwise, all bets are off. I have found that the oppressive heat has pretty much put me off eating entirely though, so there’s that.

    I’m hungry all day at work until I go home and I’m too tired to make anything.

  13. I did not realize it was the end of June until I saw Keith writing out the rent check this morning, I was so confused.

    also, I think I would die if I cut out sugar, like my body would revolt on me and just shut down.

    good luck, you are a stronger woman than I.

    I was sad when I realized the rent check needs to be written tonight.

  14. Posted by Pants on June 30, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    What a fantastic weekend!!!!

    It really was.

  15. Posted by Jennifer M. on June 30, 2008 at 4:19 pm

    You are hard core woman! So will honey be your only sweetener? I don’t think you’ll be able to eat anything processed because they’ll all have some version of sugar substitute – I just looked up several of the stuff I buy on a regular basis, like bread and all had either sugar or high fructose corn syrup which is a sugar substitute to get around high sugar tariffs in the US. I wish to hear how this goes and learn of your recipes!

    Yeah, I’m going for honey, and I’m not cutting out all sugar entirely. Just things that have it needlessly added.

  16. Wow. I am VERY Impressed with your willpower. How the hell do you do it???

    I just don’t know. But telling the blog about it will help with some of the pressure.

  17. PS, will you be allowed to have Splenda, since it technically isn’t sugar? And what about sugar-free ice cream?

    I guess I’m “allowed” to do whatever I want, but for the purposes of my own experiment, fake sugar counts as sugar. The point is to get myself off of sweets, except for foods that are naturally sweet, like raspberries.

  18. I am of the “everything in moderation” camp, but certain things like HFCS need to be eliminated. As for sugar I would maybe substitute fruit sugars or make a fruit “whip” or smoothie by putting it in the blender. Good luck on this one!

    Yes, I should use this month to get more use out of my poor neglected blender. Thanks for the reminder!

  19. I would really like to do a sugar-free month! I have such a sweet tooth and I’ve heard from friends who’ve done South Beach / low-carb that abstaining from sugar really helps cut down on your cravings.

    However, July is my birthday month and I JUST CAN’T do a birthday-cake free 27th!

    I just don’t ever want to use the words “low-carb,” which so often seem “anti-vegetarian.” And by all means, you should have your cake, and eat it too.

  20. I commend you. i could give up the french fries and soda but no way on the ice cream – a summertime staple.

    I’ll be back on the ice cream come August, I swear.

  21. What I don’t understand is… why do you hate yourself so much, Noelle??

    I’m kidding. Also, I’m not helping. I really do admire your resolve with these wacky elimination diets of yours. I wish I had half your will power.

    If I hated myself, I’d probably do all the months at once. Maybe that will be my challenge for January…

  22. Great seats at the game! Go you.

    Glad you had a great weekend.


  23. It takes more effort for me to eat sugar than I think it would take for me avoid to it all together. Now salt… there’s a challenge!

    NaCl + KNL = 4ever

    And salt, that’s not really a big deal of mine. Maybe we should switch for a day. And I love your equation. It’s an LOL.

  24. Posted by tinetastic on July 1, 2008 at 10:21 am

    i have a could recipes for granatas if you need a cool summer treat with no sugar.


  25. Posted by tinetastic on July 1, 2008 at 10:22 am

    and again i hate when it puts words in for you. . .it’s a couple of recipes.

    Ah typos and comments go together hand in hand.

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