6. Burger Hill & Poet’s Walk

Gah, I’ve been away from the internet like FOREVER, (3 days) and now I find that I no longer have internet access at home (neighbor with the free wifi moved and the other neighbor doesn’t know the password to her network, and yet again I prove to have no ability to make the numbers on the underside of the router box equal internet magic.) To boot, if I were one to blog from work, AND I’M NOT SAYING I AM, perhaps that wouldn’t be so good, because the internet at work is in the same state as Earth in both WALL-E and BSG. Which is to say it’s fucked. Or at least every site I like to go to, but for this blog, loads as an imperceptible mess.

Because I feel the need, a quick summary of the weekend: visited the ‘rents in NJ, then we all drove to Queens to watch the Macy’s fireworks from SisterAlyson’s apartment building’s terrace, which faces the East River, with views from 23rd St. to the 59th St. bridge. Scouted out a spot on the terrace and waited for two hours. The fireworks started at 9:25. At 9:25 and 15 seconds, we realized we weren’t going to see a damn thing, because the fireworks were going off somewhere near 15th St., a.k.a. “right behind a high-rise”. Everyone on the terrace, including us, fled for the streets. We walked a few blocks with the crowd, just making out the fireworks display above some trees. We went inside and watched the fireworks in Boston on TV. We had apple pie. We went home.

UPDATE: Independently of each other, we all decided to wear red shirts.  This should be fun on our next family trip to South Central.

The next day, went to a party at The Dutchess of Kickball’s house. Drank lots of beer, ate tofu pups in place of sugary sweets. The day after that, hung out with Birmingham, exploring the HV. Later that night, heard bats in the belfry. Told the landlesbian about it, who was having a fight with the waterlesbian at the time. Tried to back out of the conversation, but somebody was off her meds. Finally, I told her I’d draw a diagram of my bedroom explaining exactly where I heard the screeching noises that kept me up all night long. This morning, I am tired, and there is no Google (or most of your blogs…)

But what I really want to write about is my latest 30-day project activity. On Sunday, I had visitation rights with Birmingham, and we were in the mood for a hike. A few weeks ago, when en route to my last swim meet, one of the team members in my carpool suggested hiking Burger Hill and Poet’s walk, both in nearby Rhinebeck. And what hike is more apropos on Independence Day weekend than one named for the seminal meat product that I eschew, but never chew?

Burger Hill is a big old rise of land with views of Rhinebeck, ridges, valleys, mountains, the Hudson River, and some ugly ass McMansions. It was once privately owned, but as of the late 90’s is caretaken by Scenic Hudson, a conservation group. I’d tell you more about it, but I’ve lost all ability to research information without using Google. So much for that college education! Sorry, Mom and Dad. However, and I’m sure you’ll be relieved to hear this, I took a picture of the informative sign!

Feel free to click to enlarge and learn more on your own time. A warning, you’ll mostly only learn about activities that are forbodden on the hill.

When you get to the top of the hill, there are three huge rocks that tell you what you’re looking at:

And here’s what we were looking at:

Did I mention that yesterday was a hugely hazy sticky day? Well, it was. This is also the last photograph that I took before my camera batteries died. Three whole pictures on one battery charge! Have I mentioned lately that it’s time for me to get a new camera?

Bottom line: Burger Hill is a lovely walk. It takes about 15 minutes to see the whole thing, unless you stop and sit on every bench and become inspired to talk about the state of politics, the environment, and the meaning of life, as Birmingham and I did. We got that covered in about 30 minutes, and have now solved the world’s problems. We even noted so in the guest book at the foot of the hill.

After that jaunt, we still had some daylight, so we headed north to Poet’s Walk Park.

Being cameraless at this juncture, feel free to learn more about Poet’s Walk Park Here, and donate to Scenic Hudson if you’re in the mood. This park is said to have been frequented by Washington Irving back in the day, and could possibly have been the place where he was inspired to write “Rip Van Winkle.” I am inclined to believe that, because walking through this park made me tired. I tried to go to sleep almost as soon as I got home, but the screeching bats living directly above my bed (in the walls? I can’t tell!) saw to it that there would be no years of sleep for me. And when I finally figured out a configuration that allowed me to keep a pillow over my head and breath flowing to my lungs, the alarm went off, and it was time to swim.

So that was my weekend. How was yours? I cannot wait to read all about them as soon as our internet situation is smoothed out. In the meantime, I suppose I’ll do some work.


18 responses to this post.

  1. Hiking is my fav. Although, besides the monkey, I can’t help but feel like your view lived up to the exxagerations of that asshole rock. I mean, who is he kidding with his pictures of valleys and mountains and giant monkeys? That monkey is like three inches tall! WHERE’S KING KONG IN A HULA SKIRT??

  2. Posted by nancypearlwannabe on July 7, 2008 at 10:14 am

    Oh, work internet. Never there when you need it.

    Sounds like a funtabulous weekend! Except for the bat part, which would creep me right out of the house.

  3. Have you considered new batteries in lieu of a new camera?

    Sounds like a great weekend!

  4. Posted by lizgwiz on July 7, 2008 at 10:50 am

    I’ve had trees block my fireworks viewing before–stupid, stupid trees! (Just kidding, I love trees even more than sparkly showers of light.)

    Love your family photo.

  5. We had a high rise block our view of fireworks last year. But that was mostly because the idiot who hosted the party didn’t realize the fireworks went off from further south in the city.

  6. 3 days????

    How are you still coherent?

  7. Oh no, that sucks about the bats. We had squirrels in our roof once, and they made so much noise. I swear they would fight with each other because I’d hear squeaking then some thuds, and everything would be quiet again.

  8. Three pictures on one charge? Man, mine at least gets about 15. (New camera battery has been on my “Need to buy already” list for quite some time too.)

    And no Internet? How are you going to pretend to work now??

  9. Ohhhh, a nice hike over the weekend. Sounds great!

  10. You mean you’ve solved the world’s problems minus the whole universal access to internet thing?

  11. I like the hula monkey.

    I totally panic when our internet has issues. I get so very crabby and start to get the sweats. I totally feel for you.

  12. I LOVE the matching shirts. I showed up at Penn Station on Friday to find that both my friend and I were sporting royal blue tank tops. Patriotic!

  13. I like how you all ended up wearing red shirts!

  14. You were in NJ this weekend? I was in NJ this weekend! I’m surprised I didn’t run into you.

  15. Posted by supersobe on July 7, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    YEAH Boston!
    YEAH red shirts!
    YEAH Duchess!

  16. I just love that your entire family wore red shirts for the fourth. I also love the phrase “I eschew, but never chew”. Brilliant!

  17. I miss living in your neck of the woods!!! It’s so spoiled in nature and green space.

    And yay for rents in red! AG wonders if our parents live near each other…

  18. I have been here so long and read so much that I am picture scanning now. Maybe a Pop Up blog would be in order?

    The picture of your family is great. You look very happy to be with them.

    Leaving now. Good night Noelle.


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