Chilling at the Holiday Inn

Last night I left the Hudson Valley and drove upstate for work.  It was a kind of long boring drive, but that was all fixed by the fact that I got to stay in a hotel.  Here’s a little secret you may not know about me, think of it like a teaser before tomorrow’s big blog share: I love staying in hotels.  And motels.  And especially bed and breakfasts.

Even though I was potentially ruined on all hotels for all time after I got to spend a night in the Presidential Suite of the Waldorf Astoria, this is has not been the case.

I still love new pillows and individually wrapped soaps and ice machines and card swipe locks and comforters that are stained with either blood, urine or semen (I hope it’s urine!)  <—- please someone in the comments name that quote and let everyone know that the preceding is not actually my opinion.

As a kid, the best part of being in a hotel was the exploration.  Within minutes of putting our bags down in the room and checking the beds for bounciness, my sister and I were off on a John Smith-esqe quest to map out the secret doors, vending machines, pool, and if we were really lucky, ballrooms.  There was always something exciting to be found.  Today, I took advantage of the gym just because I could, and had dinner at the hotel, because where else in the world can you just say “charge it to my room” and not get stuck washing dishes?

There’s also the marvel of trying to figure out the new clock radio and then just setting your cell phone alarm anyway, checking out the hilarious adult movie titles (now playing: “Forbidden coeds / Young Butt,” “Dirty over 30,” and my fav, “Seduced by A Cougar.”  And those are just three of the hundreds available.  What need to you have to put your head down and enjoy the crisp white sheets?

But the best part of hotel stays (besides the free wi-fi that’s allowing me to bring this post to you today)
is the express checkout, where you just leave your stuff behind and someone cleans it up for you.  And also the view I have of the hotel’s indoor pool:


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  1. Oh, I love staying in hotels too! The hubs and I stayed in a Residence Inn over Christmas last year — the kind that has a kitchen stocked with dishes and utensils — the dog came too. I seriously think I could live like that forever.

    Hope you have a good trip back!

  2. Posted by nancypearlwannabe on July 15, 2008 at 9:17 am

    I used to love staying in hotels until I had to do it all the time for work. Since then, not so much. Unless it’s a super fun one, like in Disney World.

  3. That is from the funniest Office eva! Dwight and Michael.

    Mmmm, hotels. But I don’t like Bed & Breakfasts. Too much risk of ending up with weird people up in my business, and they look at you funny if you check out with someone different than you checked in with. Nosy!

  4. I was going to say it’s from The Office, but Deb beat me to it.

    I love all of those things about hotels when they’re good hotels… I’ve stayed in so many semi-sketchy places that I can’t make the blanket statement you just did. (Huh. When did I become a princess?? No idea.)

  5. I like staying in hotels when they are nice because I’ve definitely been in some less than stellar ones. What a nice view of the pool! I want to go swimming now! 🙂

  6. The Office! The Office! (I knew it before I read Deb’s comment, for the record.)

    We usually stay in the cheapest places we can find that are clean, so it’s a treat to stay in a really nice place. And how did you get to spend a night in the Presidential Suite at the Waldorf Astoria? Do tell!

  7. I love staying at hotels too. Mainly because I don’t have to clean up after myself!

    My mom told me there is a bar here that does Cougar night on Thursdays, where women over 35 get in for free and men under 25 get in for free with a college ID. And she’s going to GO!

  8. Posted by Pants on July 15, 2008 at 12:15 pm

    I also love staying in hotels!

    How on earth were you able to stay in the Presidential Suite of the Waldorf Astoria?

  9. Posted by lizgwiz on July 15, 2008 at 12:29 pm

    I love hotels, too. My favorite thing to do is crank the A/C up as high as it will go, and then bury myself under the (bodily fluid-stained) blankets, knowing someone else is paying the electric bill.

  10. Ditto what ligwiz said, and add:
    …and calling the front desk for extra towels and blankets. Just cuz you can.

  11. I love staying in hotels! It always makes me feel like I’m on vacation, even if I’m not.

  12. I just love the SMELL of the indoor pool! Delicious chlorine!

  13. I agree with Laurel. The smell of an indoor pool brings a smile to my face. I don’t even need signs to direct me, I’ll just use my nose!

  14. Hotels are the BEST. Why is it that such a tiny room feels so decadent?

  15. Posted by Sarah on July 15, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    My friend had an air freshener in her car the other day that made is smell just like a hotel room. It made me sleepy.

    That quote sounds familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it. And I’m afraid to search for those words via my work computer.

  16. I love the beds at the Hampton. very cushy! Our bed feels like it is good for your back… hard as a rock. But I sleep like a baby in those soft beds.

    Have Fun!!!


  17. I can’t wait to go to a hotel this weekend and be as gross as I want to be and have someone else clean it up.

    I’m mature.

  18. That view of the pool made me think of Tommy Boy. And thus the Yankees. And the Little Rascals.

  19. Posted by Jennifer M. on July 15, 2008 at 3:42 pm

    So if you can see right in to the pool area, can they see right in to your room?

  20. I am a huge fan of continental breakfasts. If someone were to serve me the same food in my own house, I’d generally determine the food was crap. But something about a hotel/motel makes it soooo delish!

  21. I always love getting away, away from all the mundane daily chores and obligations but then i always eventually miss my bed and my routines.

  22. I enjoy hotels and having my bed made for me EVERY DAY! It’s genius! And I can just take a short elevator downstairs to an overpriced bar for hopefully a tasty local microbrew.

  23. I’m with you on hotels, for all the same reasons. I’m not as keen on B&Bs, because you’re forced to have more human interactions. I just want to be anonymous in a big hotel.

    I stayed at the Rennaisance Hotel in Cleveland for my friend’s wedding. The beds were so comfy and the linens were so clean and high-thread-count. Very luxurious.

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