Whip It Up #7: Couscous Salad with Fresh Mango

The idea of this week’s WIU was salads, and I was in a distinctively Mediterranean mood, so I pulled out an old copy of Vegetarian Times and made this concoction:

Couscous Salad With Fresh Mango

Serves one, five or six times


  • 1 box couscous
  • 2 Tbsp. Orange Juice
  • 1 Tbsp. Tahini
  • 1 cup plain low-fat yogurt or soft tofu (I used the tofu to keep everything vegan)
  • 1/2 tsp. cumin
  • pinch ground ginger
  • 1 large mango, diced
  • 1/2 cup chickpeas, drained and rinsed. (I just used the whole can)
  • 1/4 cup golden raisins (Turned out to be only one of the mini-boxes)
  • 1/4 cup chopped cilantro (I used rosemary from my garden)


In a smallish saucepan, cook the couscous according to the package directions. I used the “optional” olive oil, FYI. While that’s cooking, get a smallish bowl and mix the tahini and orange juice until smoothish. Warning: tahini has the consistency of natural peanut butter, oil separation and all, so give yourself some extra time to stir it up. In a large bowl, whisk the yogurt or tofu. If you’re like me and you realized too late that the “soft” tofu was actually pretty damn firm, just mush it as much as you can with a fork. When you feel like you’ve got it into a nice consistency, mix in the tahini mix, cumin, and ginger, followed by the mango, chickpeas and raisins. Fluff the couscous with a fork, and add to the mixture along with the cilantro or rosemary or whatever. Serve chilled or at room temperature.

Goes well with pita, hummus and a Killian's.

Goes well with pita, hummus and a Killian's

Was there something you wanted to ask?

Was the recipe easy to follow?
Yeah, except for some reason the way it printed out, the ingredients weren’t listed in the order that they got added, which is very annoying. I fixed that up there. Other than that, super duper easy.

Did the dish taste good?
It did, in fact. IMHO, there’s nary a thing that doesn’t taste good when fresh mango is involved. Also, this dish was again served to non-vegetarians at a barbecue, and they ate it and seemed to enjoy it, so it’s yet another cross-over hit. Of course, they also ate their cheeseburgers with aplomb, so I can’t say that I’ve converted anyone…

Would you make it again?
I think I would. The original plan was to have this with falafel and pita and eat it for lunch, but then I got sick, and the idea of eating anything that took more time to cook than Ramen was impossible. So when I’m feeling better again, I might give it another go. I’d like to see how it is with yogurt instead of tofu. I bet it’s a bit smoother.

So we’re almost done with this Whip It Up thing we’ve been doing.  Next week finishes up with desserts, and I’m thinking about trying either vegan cupcakes or carrot cake.  It’s going to be a bit of a challenge.  I’ve never made a vegan dessert before that was more complicated than “slice a mango.”  Anyone have any advice or suggestions?


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  1. Definitely going to try this one!

  2. Posted by nancypearlwannabe on August 22, 2008 at 9:31 am

    I’m with you on the fresh mango thing. They were serving them on a stick at Coney Island!

  3. Yum. I like couscous; I like mango. How can you go wrong?

    As for vegan desserts… I made some wheat-free, vegan brownies last year, but I wouldn’t recommend them. It was a great way to ruin brownies, if you ask me. Good luck with the cupcakes or carrot cake, though! Your vegan pumpkin oatmeal cookie recipe is delicious; I’m sure you can be equally successful with cake.

  4. Oh, I especially enjoy the fancy plating job! Garnishes and everything! Geez.

  5. I have never known anyone else who buys the same brand tahini as me. I love that can – wide mouth=easier to stir than the tall glass jars!
    I agree with Stefanie, how can you go wrong with couscous and mango? Your “serves one X times” never fails to crack me up and I appreciate it as someone who has trouble cooking for one.
    As for a vegan dessert, the only one I can vouch for from personal experience was from Heidi at 101cookbooks. It was an amaretto chocolate mousse. I am not sure how to make it it link here, but I will just try to paste the url I dug up. I had trouble finding vegan chocolate chips at the regular grocery store, but the local hippie co-op had a selection. 🙂 Good luck, can’t wait to see what you come up with to try for dessert! http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/000310.html

  6. This looks fab. Res posted a vegan recipe at RoD if you are interested.

  7. Man that looks fucking good!

  8. Wow how aesthetically pleasing! I especially appreciate the geometrical layout of the pita and hummus.

  9. Hey, can you give me some personal advice. I am trying to become more vegan…in other words, I’m making small steps to little by little cut down the amount of animal products I consume until I no longer consume any. Meat was easy, as was milk, but what I’m having trouble with is CHEESE. I LOVE CHEESE. And I have yet to find an acceptable non-cheese substitute. I like soy better than meat anyway, and I like rice milk more than real milk, but I can’t find ANY faux cheese that is acceptable to me. Any insights you could give me would be helpful since you seem to be trying lots of stuff. (And forgive me if you have answered this in some other post- my current employment leaves me a lot less time for surfing my fav blogs. What is THAT about?!)

  10. I have failed at making a vegan cake so far but one vegan dessert that’s been a big hit with everyone are the jelly-filled vegan cupcakes I made. The original recipe is in the Veganomicon cookbook but I saw it first here: http://justjennrecipes.com/vegan-jelly-donut-cupcakes/2008/04/14/

    It’s super easy to make and they’re delicious.

  11. That looks so good!

  12. Wow, that looks really easy. And I love couscous. And mangos.

  13. Crisco is vegan right? I looked at the ingredients and there are no animal products in it, that I can tell.

    If so, I have a good apple pie recipe that I invented myself. I’m going to be posting it on my blog soon, probably tomorrow. The pie is entered into a competition in the local agricultural show, so maybe by tomorrow I will be able to say “Award Winning Pie”

  14. Posted by Pants on August 26, 2008 at 2:05 pm

    Oh holy delicious – this looks incredible! I am a sucker for chickpeas, I cannot wait to make this!

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