October: so that happened

If you’re wondering why I still have a Halloween-themed header, it’s because I’m subscribing to the Halloween holiday extender theory, which means we should keep celebrating Halloween way into November to starve off overly-early Christmas decorations.  Yup, that’s what I’m doing.  In no way did I simply forget to take a new photo for the month.

Speaking of this month, as you have most likely already gathered, I’m adamantly not participating in NaBloPoMo this year.  There’s a couple of reasons.  1 – I kind of forgot about it already.  2 – I already belong to too many social networks. 3 – I’m still bitter that I put up a valiant effort in the past two years (the first year all 30 posts had an associated picture where I put stuff on my cat, and last year I blogged every day through the broken ankle (side side note: November 1 was my one year anniversary!)) and I didn’t get a damn prize.  But, a person who actually blogged “this is my NaBloPoMo post for the day” did win a prize!  Blogs should be awarded for quality, not quantity, people… and 4 – I like to keep my weekends internet-free.  I have this wacky belief that living my life is more fun that writing about living my life.

That’s why, after actually having a lovely weekend in the outdoors, I decided that my resolution for this month is to do something every day.  There were too many days in October where I went swimming, went to work, went home, went to bed.  (And I do realize that swimming is “doing something” but it’s so routine now, it doesn’t feel like it.)  Part of the problem is that I’m letting TV dictate my life, and that’s exactly why I didn’t have it all these years.  But when I choose Pushing Daisies over going out dancing, it doesn’t actually make me happy.  Especially since Pushing Daisies has yet to reach the quality it showed in the first season.

There’s not a lot of daylight anymore, especially since this stupid time change, so I’m going to soak up all I can, if that means taking breaks from work to go outside, or just calling in sick a few times before the holiday rush swallows us all.  So that’s the plan, I’m living life!  I’m thinking of it as the anti-BloPoMo.  But I promise that if anything interesting happens while I’m out there, I’ll take a minute over my oatmeal to report on it.

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  1. But it is so much easier to allow tv to rule your life when it is warm inside, where the tv is, and it is cold outside, where the rest of the world is.

  2. That’s your right. Quitter. You’d think getting through it with two working ankles would be a breeze, too.

    I’m totally with you on the quality v. quantity, but NaBlo is just about quantity and never claimed otherwise. I for one hope to inject at least a little quality here and there, but mainly I’m just going for 30-for-30.

    Besides, I find that the idea of having to write makes me go out and do things.

  3. what? someone actually won with that post? geez, weren’t their 30 posts supposed to be “evaluated”? ugh.

    personally, in this third year of NaBloPoMo i’m trying to pack my life with as many obligations as possible, re-creating that semester in college when i nearly lost my mind but got the best grades because i was impossibly busy and didn’t sleep. perhaps this technique will land me an awesome job.

  4. Damn, that person won the prize and that was their post? See – that is further proof that people, in general, fucking suck.

  5. I was going to do NaBloPoMo, but things got unexpectedly crazy.

    I like your Halloween extender theory. Unfortunately, our grocery store has had Christmas decorations up for about two or three weeks now. . . .

  6. I’ll forgive you for skipping NaBlo only if you promise to comment on all my NaBlo posts.

  7. I think I tried NaBloPoMo for like a week? It’s too much of a committment.

    But I’m with you. TV has totally taken over my free-time. It’s sick. I’m just normally so pooped after work and classes that I just don’t want to do anything else. But then I realized the other day that I hadn’t seen a lot of my friends in over a month. And that’s just sad.

  8. I blog entirely too much simply because it’s on the list of addictions. I didn’t even know waht NaBloPoMo was, and now that I do I realise I’ve already blogged every day this month. Win! Although trust me, my posts are not all good. Case in point…

  9. you are one of the most disciplined people i virtually know. you say you’re going to do something, and you do it.

    is this partly because you write about it on your blog or would you do it regardless?

    i seem to lack that capacity. at first ideas sound easy, exciting and commitment worthy…but i quickly lose interest.

    share the secret…

  10. I am totally with you on calling in sick to enjoy a few nice fall days. That would be amazing!

  11. I’m not doing NaBloPoMo, for several of the reasons you mentioned. I’m also a big fan of the whole “living my life” idea, rather than just writing about it. Not having internet at home has really opened my eyes to that.

  12. Posted by nancypearlwannabe on November 3, 2008 at 4:19 pm

    See, I’d rather write about my life than live it, so there’s one problem. The other is, as most people already know, if I am competing I expect to win. And not just some “bragging rights” prize, either. I expect to receive something in the MAIL.

  13. I don’t know what all those acronyms stand for.

    Quality versus quantity.

    As long as you’re doing something you enjoy (no matter what it is) your living your life right.

  14. THANK YOU. Screw all these NaBloPoMo-fos who are overloading my blogreader when I don’t have time to keep up.

  15. I don’t think my neighborhood got the memo about the Halloween Extender Theory. I saw giant inflatable Christmas decorations up last night already!

  16. Let’s extend Halloween all the way until Thanksgiving. Please. I actually heard “Last Christmas” on the oldies station today. Which, side note, Wham songs ARE NOT OLDIES!!! Nothing that I listened to as a child in the eighties can be considered “old”. Thank you.

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