I voted!

I got to the polls when they opened at 6:00 this morning.  There were already 10 people ahead of me.  This is going to be one long day of waiting to hear news, and I think that’s the only thing anyone can guarantee.

Now that I’m done voting, I can go collect my free cup of Starbucks coffee.  I hope they’re still willing to put it in my Muddy Cup (the locally owned coffee chain) mug.  I’m also trusting that they realize our local polling place does not give out “I Voted!” stickers.  In all my years of voting, I’ve actually never received one of those stickers.  If you get one, I’ve also heard that you can get free Ben & Jerry’s today.  But a Ben & Jerry’s store is something that the Hudson Valley sadly lacks.

I’m glad I started thinking about ice cream just now.  It helps me stop thinking about the election.  I think thinking about pasta will also help.  That’s why I’m planning on making baked ziti tonight.  It’s distracting.  If my guy loses, I have the ultimate comfort food.  And if my guy wins, I have a lot of carbs in me for the celebrating.  And in the meantime, I can spend the day at work thinking about the pasta to come.

So go and vote!  As soon as this election is over we can focus on the FUCKED UP SHIT that George Bush did while we were all distracted.

I apologize for the language.  FCC please don’t fine me.  And while your’e at it, let’s all hope that the Supreme Court does the right thing by defending our freedom of speech.

*UPDATE: I got my free coffee, but they only filled my “grande” sized mug 3/4ths of the way to make it “tall,” proving yet again that The Muddy Cup is the superior coffee shop, but Starbucks is the one that happens to be located between my apartment and my job.


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  1. Yay for voting and coffee and ice cream. We don’t have a Ben & Jerry’s here either. Sigh.

    Obama won in Dixville Notch. Yesterday, I read an article that said they always vote Republican and McCain would surely win there. Ha!

  2. You are just a few years to late, there used to be a Ben & Jerry’s on route 9. Sadly it is no longer there. BUT we do have Dairy Queen!

  3. Free coffee? I was happy with my “I Voted” sticker until I read that.

  4. I love that they’re called the Muddy Cup. If I am ever traveling through the Hudson Valley I’ll have to seek one out.

  5. Posted by SisterAlyson on November 4, 2008 at 11:35 am

    The line to vote was soooooo long this morning. I had to leave or I’d be super late for work. I’m scared it’s going to be even worse tonight!

  6. It’s all a mess that all of congress, the president and the supreme court contributed to. And we all put them there.


  7. Posted by lizgwiz on November 4, 2008 at 11:47 am

    I wish I liked coffee, as there is no chance of any free Ben and Jerry’s around here.

    I might go to an election watch party tonight. I’ve never done that for a presidential election. I figure it will either be a huge, confetti-strewn celebration, or we’ll have plenty of like-minded shoulders to cry on.

  8. A free doughnut at Krispy Kreme today, too. I’d give up all freebies for the chance to say/write “President Obama” for the next 4 years if I had to—still, I’m totally getting my free coffee this morning.

  9. I do have to say, now that I’ve read your post I’m definitely stopping at a Starbucks today for that cup of coffee… Do I have to lie and say I voted today? I voted early and this feels a little wrong…but who can turn down free coffee??

    And, I’m a little sad you’re not going to do NaBloPoMo… but please stop by and say hello to me every now and then as there will be something new each day–no promises that the posts will be enlightening, witty or even interesting. But they will be coming daily. 🙂

  10. Do you watch the Colbert Report? He had a joke last week that is going to go into my menu planning –

    What does Karl Marx put on his pasta?
    Communist Manipesto!

    Guess what we’re having for dinner tomorrow. 🙂

  11. Voted, but somehow missed out on all the free goodies. All I got was the sticker.

  12. man, when i got there around six, there were about forty people in line before me. but enough of them didn’t care about privacy so it moved pretty fast.

  13. I totally forgot about free Starbucks today. Oh well, I’ve got better coffee at home anyway.

    I didn’t get a sticker, but Mickey made one for me and I wore it all day.

  14. Our Chic Filet did not participate in the free sandwich with sticker. 😦

    I don’t drink coffee so I don’t know if our Starbucks participated or not.

  15. Posted by Jennifer M. on November 4, 2008 at 11:03 pm

    How was the baked ziti?

  16. Posted by Sarah on November 5, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    I paid for Starbucks at work yesterday, even though I voted. I feel like a chump.

  17. How did I not hear about the free ice cream?! NOOOOOOOOO!

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