Thanks to everyone who commented yesterday, that was a fun little deep-thoughtish discussion.  I appreciate all of your internet-comment personalities, and I wonder if they’re distinct from your other personalities.

For some reason, yesterday I was thinking about blog topics for today all day long.  It was one of those days when my first reaction to any event was, “can I blog about that?”  Eventually, I rejected each topic on its own merits.

Cases in point:

I filled out the application to a December swim meet using yard times instead of meters, but caught the mistake in time. Imagine my embarrassment if I had shown up to swim the 50 freestyle with a 34 second seed time when it would actually take me 38 seconds!  Blogworthiness: save it for Twitter.

I went to the gym at the peak hour of 5:30 PM, and literally bumped into three other women in the locker room, and then opened the bathroom stall door on a woman who hadn’t locked it properly, and then got on the world’s squeakiest elliptical machine, and then got scolded for putting free weights on a bench instead of the floor.  Blogworthiness: Save up those stories for a longer post so I can use my “I’m not judging you” category.  Remember, free pizza night is just around the corner.

SisterAlyson called and referred to Birmingham as “that pigeon kicker” Blogworthiness: do a quick search of The Daily T and realize that maybe I never told the story of the time Birmingham kicked the pigeons but still never used the word “douchebag.”  Really?  I never told that story?  Well, it’s too late, I already started this post.  I’ll have to save that story for later.

Micki had a bad case of “if you think it smells bad going in, you should smell it coming out” yesterday.  As I was cleaning the litter box, I noticed that her poo had taken the shape of the symbol Prince used when he stopped going by a name.  I was held it in the scooper debating whether I should take a picture of it or not.  In the end, I decided this is not a scat blog, and you’re just going to have to take my word for it that it happened.  Blogworthiness: Maybe a Facebook status update.

Saw the movie A Thousand Acres last night.  It’s based on the Pulitzer-Prize winning book of the same title by Jane Smiley.  It tells the story of three sisters, Ginny, Rose and Caroline and their father Larry, the most respected farmer in the county.  He decides to divide the farm among the three sisters, but Caroline, the favorite daughter, rejects that idea.  Larry cuts her out of the deal and the family, but quickly regrets that decision, and accuses the other daughters of trying to steal his land.  He becomes more and belligerent, eventually blowing up at his two eldest daughters right before a thunderstorm.  Instead of letting their husbands take him home, he goes raging into the storm.  From then on, all is lost.

I read the book shortly after college, upon my mother’s recommendation and I loved it.  As we were discussing it afterward she said, “and didn’t you love all the parallels to King Lear?”  People, I read King Lear in high school AND college, an I worked on a production of it during my sophomore year.  No clue.  I had no freaking clue until my mom brought it up, even though the plot is almost exactly the same.

The movie was great too, by the way.  I don’t understand why it’s not more well known.  It stars Jessica Lange, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jason Robards, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Colin Firth, Keith Carradine, (a young) Michelle Williams and Elizabeth Moss, and the actor who played the teacher in Just One of the Guys who told Terry she should be a model.  Good stuff.  And now you can put it on your Netflix queue, and never have to go through the embarassment of having your mother be the first to tell you it is based on one of the greatest plays in the English language.  Blogworthiness: I just sort of blogged it just now.

22 responses to this post.

  1. Reading about the blogworthy analysis of each item was kind of like being in your brain for a moment.

    Was it like Being John Malcovitch? Did you end up on the NJ Turnpike?

  2. But see, like you illustrated here, if you save up enough twitter updates you can pass them off as a single blog entry.


    I’ve thought about that, actually. Give me another month.

  3. Colin Firth?! I’m sold! 🙂

    Rockin’ the American accent to boot.

  4. I’m pretty sure that you did blog about the pigeon kicker, perhaps in reference to another date you had who refused to kick the pigeons?

    And dude, I always want to see poop shaped like The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.

    I thought I had, but this is the post where I wrote about that day: I must have told you in person.

  5. I was going to say something about George Castanza and “The Summer of George” and “Worlds Colliding” but didn’t have time.


    You know, you can still go back to that post, if you want…

  6. Posted by nancypearlwannabe on November 18, 2008 at 11:28 am

    Good call with the categories. Sometimes I burn up an idea on Twitter and then I’m kicking myself later.

    It’s like turning your short story into a novel.

  7. Totally agree – you can always adapt a tweet for a post and you can always expand a short story into a novel.

    Glad you didn’t post a pic of cat poop, but I have to admit, I’m curious.

  8. Re online-personas… Another blog I read had a link to this little blog analyzer thingy that will parse your blog and then determine your personality type. My personality type came out as a Doer (fair enough) except that it was Extroverted Sensing Thinking Perceptive. I’ve done a lot of those Myers Briggs Tests and apparently my blog is nearly the exact opposite of my personality (the only match is Sensing).

  9. This is why I only cyber-socialize in one forum. There’s not nearly enough going on in my life to justify a blog AND Twitter AND Facebook.

  10. movie added to my netflix queue – CHECK!

  11. you know how people read tea leaves? yeah, i think the same idea could work with your litter. i bet you’ve got a lot of hippies in your area that’d enjoy a good kitty litter reading.

  12. Would you like to come up with blog topics for me? Beacuse I’m plum out.

  13. What, no re-enactment by the hula monkey and co.?

  14. ahhhhh squeaky elliptical! the bane of my existence.

  15. I am reading yesterday’s post next. I am intrigued.

    Blogworthiness… I think the post that I did today proves that everything seems blogworthy to me.

    I am such a bumpkin.

  16. So a post about what you decided to not post about? Brilliant as usual.

  17. I was reading that Prince-shaped cat poop part and thinking, “Wait. Didn’t she blog about that? If not, where did I read it.” Ah, Facebook status. Must have been that.

    Also, I was going to be super impressed that your Mom knows King Lear. Then again, she did own a book store, right?

  18. I want the story of the pigeon kicking. Sounds promising.

  19. Oh thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for validating me today. I didn’t pick up on the King Lear thing, either, until I read a review that mentioned it, and I was a damn English major.

  20. Posted by Birmingham on November 19, 2008 at 4:12 pm

    For the record, I would like to state that I have never actually kicked a pigeon. They are way too cagey to let you connect! The simple fact is that Sister Alyson so envies the ease in which my inner child finds the simple joys in life. She wishes that she could break free the shackles of conformity and run merrily down a New York City sidewalk shouting “Fly, pigeons, fly!”. I tell you, you have not lived until you stand in the center of thirty pigeons scared shitless as they take flight. It’s okay, Sister Alyson, I’ll be immature enough for the both of us, but know that when you’re finally ready to go pigeon rustling, I’ll be there for you.

  21. That is a good movie; it came out when I used to work at the video store, and I often recommended it.

    I can’t believe you got PF sass. Next time, you should go full-on lunk and drop some weights and grunt to see what happens.

  22. I love the blogworthy analysis! And I wanna hear that pigeon-kicking story!!!

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