Just a quick link today, I’ve got stuff brewing.

I’ve never been a fan of hunting, and I always liked deer, until they destroyed my garden.  But since I no longer have a garden, I’m back on the side of non-hunters.  I suppose I see the benefits of thinning out the herds, but I can’t understand calling it a “sport” when the opponents can’t shoot back.  That’s why this is the best article I’ve seen all day:

Montana Hunter attacked by a deer he thought was dead.

You go for it, Buck!  Level that playing field!

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  1. I saw that yesterday. While I’m sorry that the man got hurt, he left the deer in a very uncomfortable way, and certainly the deer had a right to “say something” about that. 🙂

  2. I have no problem with hunting (it’s necessary for us and for them), but it should never be called “sport.”

    It’s nice to see there’s still some risk involved for the hunter.

  3. Ha! If that dude had died, that would have been a great Darwin Award candidate.

  4. That is awesome.

  5. Posted by lizgwiz on December 3, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    Yeah, hunting is “sport” like putting a man with boxing gloves into a ring with a man with a shotgun would be “sport.”

    Go, deer!

  6. I thought “thinning the herd” was when hunters shoot other hunters….

  7. Yay Mr. Deer!

  8. LOL That is freaking awesome. I’ve always said that hunting would only be fair if we went out there with only a hoof. I guess I have to amend that to say a hoof and an antler.

  9. Haha, wow. That is the best story ever. Go deer. I think hunting is so cruel, I’m glad the deer fought back.

  10. That is straight out of Tommy Boy.

  11. He shot the deer from a deer stand? Yeah, that’ s sportsmanlike. He probably had a salt lick as well. I’m glad the deer gave him what for.

  12. It reminds me of Erwin being taken out by a sting ray. Karma baby.

  13. I’m debbie downer, but, gosh, what a freakin’ horrible way to die for that poor deer. he shot it HOW MANY times before it died? How good an aim is he? Was he hunting with a pea shooter!?!

    I’m all for hunting, but only if it is humane in that one shot equals one death…I’ve heard horror stories (the y are to me) from my dad and brothers of deers running of with gun shot wounds, never to be found.

  14. Ooops. A quick pulse check wouldn’t have killed him… or, well, maybe it would have.

    Happy Saint Nicholas Day!!!

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