And, we’re back

I didn’t mean to leave that last post up at the front for so long, but I hope you all had a chance to go out and buy great cereal and milk and enjoy it all weekend long while I was away.

Friday morning, I woke up to feed the cats around 5am, and I noticed that my apartment was incredibly dark.  It wasn’t “can’t see your hand in front of your face” dark like the cottage used to be (and that might be the one thing, besides the free Christmas tree, that I miss about living in the cottage).  But the bedroom was dark, I noticed the light across the way that illuminates the whole room was not doing so, so I flipped on the bedroom light switch to investigate.

But the bedroom light didn’t go on, and neither did any of the other lights as I was in the midst of what is commonly known as “a blackout.”  I did have some candles at the ready thanks to well-timed Christmas decorations, so I fed the cats by candlelight, and went back to bed to enjoy the total darkness until the sun put an end to all that.

I won’t say that I have a harrowing story compared to the people who are still without power and had to start generators and keep pipes from freezing and all that. But my apartment did go down to 62 degrees, and I did have to put on a pair of wool socks while I made my breakfast.  Also, I had no internet access to write you all an amazaing blog post.  By the time the power came back on, I was in the throes of packing for my swim meet, and ran out of time.  And when I’m at a swim meet, I like to be 100% technology free, so that means no checking of email, twitter, or blog comments, which frees me up to think about swimming, swimming, swimming.

And for the record, it was another great meet.  I beat a number of my previous times, and everyone there was so nice.  The meet was in Boston, and I swam in eleven events between Saturday and Sunday.  By the time the end of the day came around, I was too knackered to do anything but eat my weight in pizza and go to bed.  So no, I didn’t get to see any of the super cool Boston folk.  On the flip-side, I did spend some QT with my fantastic swim team mates, people who I just wouldn’t recognize if they were wearing clothes.

When I came home last night, all I wanted to do was pass out, but all Micki wanted to do was greet me and make me play with her and her whiny claws, so I’m a little tired now that morning is here.  But with power restored, that means I am free to make coffee, and coffee will be the key to making it to the end of Monday.


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  1. Posted by lizgwiz on December 15, 2008 at 10:36 am

    I am in awe of your swimming prowess.

    I’m glad your weren’t in the dark too long–that gets no fun fast.

    Candles can only do so much. At least daylight eventually came.

  2. yeah, blackouts during winter are so much less fun than those when it’s warm. i hope nobody’s pipes broke.

    glad you had a good meet!

    I heard a lot of people were setting fires in their fireplaces to save the pipes.

  3. You were lucky the swim meet wasn’t blacked out as well. I’m impressed with your inner jock!

    Power went out during a swim meet once. It came back on after five minutes, but being in a dark pool was odd.

  4. My pups, unless in need of the bathroom, want to sleep always. I love them extra for that.

    That is a beautiful thing. And at least my cats don’t need help with their bathroom needs.

  5. whiskey will the key for me making it through my Monday.

    no comment.

  6. Posted by deutlich on December 15, 2008 at 11:42 am

    the pitch dark scares the CRAP out of me.

    I always felt like it made me sleep better. And it wasn’t as scary in my own home.

  7. Glad to hear it went well! Sorry we didn’t get to meet up this time but it seems like you had a great time anyway. 🙂

    Yeah, I realized I was going to have no free time, sadly. Maybe next time!

  8. congratulations on the swim meet!


  9. Hey, congrats on beating your times! WOOT!

    I love being better than me!

  10. I thought about you Northerners when I read about the blackout. Glad you got to enjoy the dark instead of panic over it.

    Great job on the swim meet! Woo!

    I really didn’t have it as bad as other people.

  11. Glad the meet went well!

    And I’m thankful I have radiators, which are not affected by power outages. Which might be the ONLY redeeming quality of radiators.

    I used to like to put bowls of water on my radiators to help humidify the room.

  12. Congratulations on the swim meet.

    Glad your power is back up too. It’s getting too cold to be without power so hopefully that doesn’t happen to you again.

    Yeah, and I’ve got no fireplace back-up.

  13. Congrats on beating your own times!

    Right now, if the power went out, I would miss the heat most, and coffee a close second.

    That sounds about right.

  14. I am so impressed with you and your swim meets. So very cool.

    62 is what our house usually is. Until J comes home and complains that it’s too damn cold in our house and that’s what heat is for.

    Yeah, I keep it between 65 and 70, but sometimes I have it towards 62. But when you have no control, it seems colder than a chosen 62.

  15. I was thinking the total darkness would suck, but then I remembered that furnaces run on power, too. Yikes. Glad the blackout was short-lived. And congrats on the meet. Good job, Noelle.


  16. Welcome home! Congrats on the good swimming times.

    It’s good to come home as the conquering hero.

  17. I’m glad to hear your power is up and running again! Hopefully you don’t get any of the freezing rain/ice/snow that we got in the Midwest last night.

    Also, congrats on beating some of your times!

    We did have a lot of that freezing rain, but I got to sleep through most of it.

  18. It got down to 62? That’s where our thermostat is set.

    Nice job in the pool, fishy.

    I usually keep it at 65, and 62 isn’t so bad, unless you didn’t choose 62. Then it feels like punishment.

  19. I’m glad you did so well with your swim meet. Way to go Noelle! Woo Hoo! Look at you chick. Um HM! What a flashy swimmer you are.

    I am nothing if not supportive.

    Glad you have your technology back.

    You are indeed quite supportive.

  20. Glad the power is back on and all electronics are back to full functioning. I’d hate to loose my computer/internet over the weekend.

    I love being without technology over the weekend, but sometimes it happens anyway.

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