More life!

I’m thinking about biking again when the weather gets nice, but the roads around here are really dangerous.

Then I saw this item (via Boing Boing) that might just be the golden ticket I need to stay safe in the face of those crazy school bus drivers.



8 responses to this post.

  1. Hee — that looks like something from Super Mario Bros.

  2. Nice.

    That girl doesn’t look like a complete dork at all.

  3. Ican’t wait til this damn winter is over – can’t wait to Kayak again. Thanks for stopping by earlier – I appreciated the comment.

  4. HAHAHA Courtney! I was thinking the same thing! You’d look like a mushroom from Mario Bros!

  5. Too cute! That might actually get me on a bike. Otherwise, helmets are just not my look.

  6. With bike helmets, the dorkier you look, the better. You know you don’t look awesome, but you are so awesome, you don’t need to LOOK awesome. Also, no brain damage.

  7. If you wear this, I don’t think you need to look out for the crazy bus drivers, I think you need to look out for people who are going to try to put you on the short bus.

  8. I need something reflective, too. That headgear might be the ticket.

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