I’m getting into character

The pool where I normally swim is closed this week for spring break, so I’m trying a new pool that’s closer to where I work than where I live.  This morning, towards the end of my sets, the lifeguard started chatting me up.  After I told him that I work way down here and live way up there, he asked me what I did for a living.  (note: I LOVE when that happens now!)

me: I’m a financial planner!

lifeguard: Cool. So you can help me make millions?

me: You bet.  No promises, though.

lifeguard: So, did you, like, have to go to school to be an accountant to do that?

me: Actually, I was a theatre major.

lifeguard: Meaning you studied Russian acting technique and all that?

me: Exactly.  And you’d be surprised how handy all that can be, even when you’re doing finance.

lifeguard: I bet.

me: In fact, I now practice the Stanislavsky Method of Financial Planning.  I made myself poor, and now I’m making myself not poor.  It’s very method.

lifeguard: you should give me your card! (yeay!)

And that’s probably going to be the opening chapter to the book I’ll write in a few years titled, “The Cherry Orchard Financial Technique: Get Yourself From Serfdom to The Middle Class Through Smart Estate Management.”  I’m going to be bigger than Suze Orman, at least in theatre geek circles.

And since I need to make up for the embarrassment I feel about the last post’s “B1” “BI” mix-up (I drove past it today, and now all I can feel is DUH! and HOWEVER!, they do use the same exact letters for “I” and “1.”) Moving on in this project of things I pass on my way North to South, here is a picture of everyone’s favorite shop that sort of comes out of nowhere when you drive on route 9D in Wappingers Falls, Nesting Dolls:


Oh, and I do love my little Garmin, even as it takes up most of this field of view.

Yes, this curiosity shop almost exclusively sells Russian Nesting Dolls.  It’s run by a globetrotting couple (they’ve even been to Antarctica!) that collect items from the places they go.  But everyone needs a niche, so theirs is nesting dolls, and oh, this store has so many wonderful varieties from classic to baseball players to cartoon characters, and as you can see, has just about the brightest paint job in the entire Hudson Valley.  The day before I shot this photo I was running early to an appointment and had a moment to stop in, and I purchased something wonderful that will either become a birthday present of some sort, or mine.  I haven’t decided yet, so I’m not sharing what it is here.  I have no idea how a store that only sells one item stays in business when it is nowhere near a destination point, but if you ever find yourself driving down 9D on your way to somewhere, I recommend stopping in.


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  1. there’s a store in Fisherman’s Wharf that sells only Nesting Dolls. Come to think of it, there’s one up in Sacramento, too. Wait a second, I have one… what on earth happened to it? (scanning inventory of possessions in NY, through my head). oh boy, this is going to bug me.

  2. I’m not sure whether that lifeguard asked for your card for business reasons or personal ones. Either way, you win, I suppose. (Maybe? I hope? Good luck with that.)

  3. Gasp! You’re a seagull! :o)


  4. “Stanislavsky Method of Financial Planning”

    Well played, lady.

  5. You know, I’ve never actually been in that store but used to passed it at least once a week when I lived in Wappingers. But now I’m super curious because I remember when I was a kid it used to say “BASKETS” instead of “NESTING.” I wonder if they switched business models but kept the paint job. So curious.

  6. What I would like to know is, was the lifeguard cute?!

  7. Seriously, that sounded like flirting if I’ve ever seen it.

    How would Financial Planning, the Musical go?

  8. Posted by charmcitykim on April 15, 2009 at 10:40 am

    I am impressed with your witty exchange with the lifeguard!

    I’m with Modern Gal, how would the musical go?

  9. Aww, don’t be embarrassed about B1! Anyone could have read it the way you did at first.

    And you are quite the witty conversationist. The Stanislavsky Method of Financial Planning? Off the top of your head? Genius.

  10. Methinks we need to hear more about this lifeguard.

    Also, I NEED to go to “Nesting”. I wonder if random pregnant women show up there? (Don’t they go through a “nesting” phase?) My need is not pregnancy related, since I am not knocked up. Just thought I’d clarify that.

  11. A lifeguard who needs financial advice? Yeah, he’ll be calling, but not for investment tips.

    You do have a way of making your new job sound pretty awesome. And I’d buy that book.

  12. Oh, the wonders of theatre training. 🙂 I remember in an exercise in one of my acting classes we were supposed walk around pretending we had really bad gas and didn’t want anyone else to know about it. I mean, other majors just don’t get this kind of useful training.

  13. Was the lifeguard cute?

    Also, there is a store in Missouri that sells Walnut Bowls. They advertise for like 200 miles. And all they have are bowls made of walnut and they’ve been in business forever.

    These people should talk to AIG and GM to tell them how to be successful!

  14. My Dad collects nesting dolls. I would love to go to that store with him.

    I appreciated your comment today. I know you are passionate about being not just Green (which for some seems to merely be the ‘in thing to do’) but truly taking care of the Earth. I love your sincerity and conviction.

    Happy Earth Day Noelle.

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