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I’m getting my oil changed right now, this message is coming to you thanks to the free wifi of foam and wash.  I’m in a writing mood, but I’m not sure exactly what I want to say.  I suppose this being a personal blog, I should update everyone on my personal life.

Job interview process?  Going okay.  I might have found something, and I’m thinking upon it, because it does not meet all 10 of my “perfect job” checklist items.  But it meets about 8 1/2 of them, so looking good.  There is another job out there that I applied for that seems to meet all 10, but I have to do some follow-up to see if they want me.

What am I doing today?  Well, after I finish this oil change, I’ll be hitting the road to go to Boston to visit friends from my Sunday School days, who both live there now.  It’s almost like a drive-by visit, I think.   But it’s always nice to have an infusion of good friends when life is upside-down.

Speaking of Sunday School, didn’t you say you were going to write a post about your religious upbringing?  Maybe…  I was thinking of writing a post like that, because I did come down a unique road to where I am now, but I haven’t been in the mood to get way too personal.  Someday, I’ll get around to explaining why I’m a Christian Scientist Presbyterian Atheist.  But who isn’t these days?  Really.

What are you doing tomorrow?  I’m so glad you asked.  I’m going down to the city.  THE CITY, to help my mother with her business of selling books at events.  She’s like a portable bookstsore these days.  I’m also helping her design her website.  Maybe with her permission I’ll be able to share it with you when it’s finished, because it’s starting to look really good.

You design websites?  So why do you have this craptastic template on your blog?  I’m actually one of the few people in the world who don’t design websites.  But I thought I would try to teach myself.  It’s easy until all of a sudden it’s not, and before you know it, you’ve lost a full day trying to figure out how to create a table.  If I ever feel that I really have the hang of it, that’s when I’ll move my baby over.

And later on?  I may be going on a sailing trip this weekend!  But only if we can find a third person, because I feel weird being on a boat all alone with a married guy, even if he is a good friend who I usually only while we’re mostly undressed.  (We’re on the swim team together.)

And with that, my oil change is done.  They recommended I do my fuel injection or something, but all I heard was “$59.95.” and I decided that maybe later.  And now to Boston!


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  1. Very respectful of you both to look for a third person for that sailing trip. How about his wife? 🙂

    Good luck with your job endeavors.

    What, are you trying to ruin my reputation? I’m in no way respectful! Just trying to avoid awkward situations… His wife, like so many spouses of intrepid sailors, does not love overnight trips on the boat.

  2. the worst part is that no one uses tables anymore. but don’t worry. shoot me an email if/when you need help. you know i’m happy to oblige.

    have you ever posted what your 10 criteria for a job are? i’m too lazy to search and you should link to it.

    Tables aren’t en vouge anymore? That’ll save me some hours! I should post my 10 criteria. I just kind of made that up just then.

  3. I don’t even think I have 10 criteria for a perfect job. Unless we’re really talking about PERFECT and 5 of those criteria would be “get paid to read blogs and comment on them all from the comfort of my couch.”

    That would be a very big criteria!

  4. Have a fantastic trip to Boston!!!


    Thanks and I did!

  5. I bet you were raised “strict” something or other. And when you wrote “oil changed” I had a dirty thought. Sorry, but I wanted you to have my thought, not the clean one.

    Sorry, you are “knot” correct. The most strict thing about my religious upbringing was having to wake up for 9AM services. Unless I threw a tantrum, and they let me skip.

  6. I wish you were coming to visit me! But that reminds me I should plan a trip to the Hudson Valley at some point…

    You should come sailing!

  7. “It’s easy until all of a sudden it’s not.”

    So true. I designed a web site (not my blog) and oh, my god, the time it took. But strangely I enjoyed it.

    Good luck with the job search. Hope you get the 10/10 one!

    It is kind of strangely enjoyable. The high I experienced when I figured out how to add a banner in exactly the right spot… So dorky.

  8. Fingers crossed for you on the job prospects!

    And I totally want to know about your mom’s book biz when she’s ready to share!

    Updates forthcoming!

  9. Posted by Allison on September 23, 2009 at 9:39 am

    I think the Christmas ravioli deserves its own post 🙂

    so great to see you!!

  10. Hey, 8.5 out of 10 ain’t bad! Good luck with the possible new job; I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Also, I’d love to hear what your 10 perfect-job criteria are.

  11. That reminds me, I was going to get an oil change today. And clean the inside of my car. Ah well; it’s not like my car deserves any special treatment right now.

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