If the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me

My cell phone has a glitch: it turns itself off every once an a while.  Before bed last night I saw it was off, and it had likely been off for hours.  I turned it on and waited for the voicemails to come in, but nothing.  Is that the nature of the internet age?  Who needs a personal conversation to catch up when you have “updates.”


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  1. Truth be told, I’m happier when I have no voicemails. It just means I don’t have to call anyone back.

    I hate the process of calling in to retrieve voice mail, but I like it when friends are catching up.

  2. Posted by Courtney on November 11, 2009 at 9:59 am

    My phone never rings. I’d rather blame the Internet than think I’m just unpopular.

  3. Since we moved, I’ve been tempted to no longer update social networking sites on how things are going..maybe just not update at all. Maybe that’ll get my phone ringing, I think…

    Truth be told, people are busy – hell, I’m out of breath by the time Friday roles around and it’s only my wife and I and 3 crazy cats.

    I just have my phone for the data plan – so I can check updates of people and not call them..woops…I see your point now 😛

  4. My phone won’t ring and sometimes I’ll have a V/M. Stupid AT&T. But I would prefer to never talk on the phone, so I’m all for no voicemail messages.

  5. You just made a Jimmy Buffett reference, and that makes me happy.

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