Eat This, Eat That!

Must create new post quickly, lest everyone think oil spills are taking up my every waking thought… Let me tell you about my latest “lifehack.” Since I re-entered the meat eating world, I’ve been giving myself a bit of a free pass to eat whatever, whenever. Each second helping gets justified with “I swam this morning,” each donut with “I did 15 push-ups last night.” Yes, I am getting faster and stronger, but I’m not losing any weight, and I’m not feeling more energetic.

I am trying to see if I can hold myself accountable in the month of June.  So instead of going cold Turkey from my favorite foods, I labeled some post-it flags with “cupcake,” “hard ice cream,” “soft ice cream,” “fast food,” “donut,” “hot dogs,” “chocolate,” “cupcake,” “soda,” and “other.”  Then I put them on my calendar.  I get one of each a month.

I told Birmingham about the “9 items of decadence” plan yesterday, because we’re trying together to take up less space.   He stammered a little.  “But, but, but there’s THIRTY DAYS in June, and that’s only NINE THINGS.  What are you going to do the other TWENTY-ONE days????”  I don’t know.  Drink, I guess.  I am a little freaked out that I already used up “soda.”  And there’s some leeway.  “Chocolate” is only for items over 100 calories, the post-workout tootsie roll (or three) does not count.  I have a bet with myself to see if “other” is going to be takeout Chinese or an entire pie.

At the end of the month, my swim season ends, and it’s back to being a vegetarian.  I fear it’s going to be harder than ever before, and June’s going to be the test of how hard.  Thank goodness we’re in the throes of farmer’s market season, because any amount of spinach is OK on the June post-it note diet.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Cool idea. My eating habits have been crap lately — maybe I need a rewards system like this.

  2. I don’t know if I’m more impressed with your plan or the fact that you have an actual physical calendar in your house.

  3. Posted by erikka on June 4, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    great idea! did you come up with this or find it somewhere?

  4. Damn. And rock on, because seriously? I need those things EVERY DAMN DAY. Often at the same time. Just to get me going in the morning.

  5. At least you differentiated between hard and soft ice cream, because just one or the other would be undoable. But still- ice cream only twice a month? I just try to keep it to five times a week or less.

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