The Thing That Made Me Mad Today

I have had a hard time understanding what makes people change their mind dramatically about things.  For instance, I feel liberal to my core.  As soon as we learned about the difference between Democrats and Republicans in History class, I remember thinking, “yup, that is what I am, I’m a Democrat then.”  When I hear about career politicians and others who changed from one to the other, I can’t fathom it.  Or people who change religions (although I went from staunchly one thing to staunchly no thing, but I think that’s because I was always staunchly no thing but trying really hard not to be for a very long time.)  Anyway, my point is that I used to be a vegetarian and now I’m not, and I am OK with that, because the type of food I eat is not as hard-wired as my political and religious beliefs, I guess.

Which gets me to the asshole SUV that cut me off today.

On my way home, there’s a three-lane road that we in town call the “arterial.”  Someday, I’ll write you a whole post about how it sucks.  But for today, I’ll tell you that sometimes there’s not enough room to get from the far left side of the road to the far right when it’s busy.  I thought I had lots of time to migrate over, so I put on my indicator, saw I had some wiggle room, and started to move over when the SUV that was in that lane decided to accelerate and not let me in, causing me to eventually miss my right-hand turn.

As the SUV passed, I noticed it had a “Say NO to Foie Gras” bumper sticker.  And I got really, really mad about that, as I have now gone from aspiring vegan to flexitarian who really, really wants to eat Foie Gras after reading this well-researched and even-handed article about a Hudson Valley Foie Gras farm.  The delicacy has been demonized by animal rights groups because it’s an easy target, and pales in scope to the harm done to water foul by say, the BP oil spill, which happened because we need to fill up SUV’s.  (And to be fair, my Sentra.) In that moment of being cut off by that hypocrite, I became more determined than ever to resolve to try Foie Gras ASAP.  Perhaps to mark 1+11+11=33?

So two points here: 1) People can change their minds and basic values, to a point.  And 2) if you want to bring someone to rally for your political cause, slap an opposing cause’s bumper sticker on your car and cut off as many drivers as you can.


5 responses to this post.

  1. I used to think I was a Republican until I … started following politics and realized I have very little in common with Republicans. So yeah, people can change their beliefs, but hopefully it’s through careful consideration and education. But if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that people who cut off other people in traffic are assholes.

  2. I always judge poor drivers’ bumper sticker beliefs. It’s the one reason I don’t put bumper stickers on my car. I do my best and try not to cut anyone off in traffic, but I speed like a crazy person. I don’t want anyone judging my own personal beliefs based on my driving, even though I have no problem doing it to them.

  3. Posted by BadgerReader on January 6, 2011 at 11:42 am

    Thanks for the article link – very interesting. I have always avoided foie gras because all I ever heard was the evils (and livers are organs that detoxify the body so they don’t have much appeal to me regardless), but I would never consider myself an activist. I had no idea there were only 3 foie farms in the U.S. Definitely seems like a better option than other commerical meats that are distributed. I say go for it for your bday – I’d like a review of whether hot or cold is tastier.

  4. Posted by Man Of Action on January 6, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    I saw that piece on foie gras–it was indeed very good. But not as good as some of the amazing foie gras I’ve had over the years.

    Speaking of changing your mind, here’s an outstanding piece from the New Yorker from 2004.

  5. Courtney & MOA – I suppose I should have made a little difference that there are certain aspects of being liberal that feel ingrained – like the social issues, and others, like the financial issues, where I just usually agree with Democrats, but don’t feel like having a passionate argument about it.

    MG – Slow down!

    BR – I think Foie Gras also suffers from people like me who are fearful of sounding stupid because I’m not 100% certain how to pronounce it. I’ll only order it if I can just point at the menu.

    MOA – Why have you eaten it and I have not? I actually am so interested in this topic that I spoke to someone at the CIA about it this morning that I don’t normally speak to if I can help it. But he was no help. Because he is not helpful.

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